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1 Dec

Dear friends:  Today I have a very heavy heart.  My friend, Christy, whom I have mentioned on this blog before, had surgery two weeks ago today to reverse the illiostomy from her colon surgery earlier this fall (Christy has had 3 occurances of colon cancer).  Over the weekend she began experiencing some complications and has been admitted to the hospital in Louisville again.  She has developed a minor leak in the reversal, and the tests have revealed a new tumor – this time in her liver.  Please remember this sister in prayer. 


Last week’s review

27 Oct

Orlando, Florida – 2008 National Convention

Up bright and early Monday morning to catch our flight and spend 5, very fast days in Orlando, Florida –  Hubbie, me and 3 office leaders.  By the time Friday night, back home, came – I was dragging my you know what.  It was fun, it was tiring, we had one major scare and I am glad it is over.  Here is a condensed version of the week:

Monday: arrival and bus to Coronado Springs resort 

Monday night:  Disney gala – danced with hubbie 

Tuesday:  Recognition of Top 100 – yes one of them was ME!!! Presentations by the big guys, one particularly good one included “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.  You can find it on U Tube.

Entertainment of the morning, jugglers – they were really good 

Tuesday night:  Mickey’s Not so Scarey Halloween Party (I am too old for that stuff – it was fun, but I was exhausted) 

Wednesday:  Boring stuff – tax stuff, blah, blah, blah  CRISIS – Then:  Trouble at WKU, lockdown, couldn’t reach kids, Bro. Ray calls, heard from Andrew, finally heard from Nick, everyone okay, whew, relief!   Back to boring tax stuff.

Wednesday night:  Took a boat to the Disney Boardwalk. Then Downtown Disney – loved the Swan and Dolphin resort. 

Thursday:  more tax stuff, break sessions, more tax stuff, more blah, blah, blah 

Thursday night:  Banquet at SEAWORLD!! Took tons of pictures, too many to post.  I can’t even imagine what HR paid for this!!! We had shrimp cocktails and crab claws, chicken, fish, pork, desserts like you wouldn’t believe and a special show from Shamu! 

Friday: Great presentation by Disney and then a presentation from the criminal investigation division of IRS (boy you would have loved THIS one) 

Finally:  conclusion and annoucement of next year’s location. Can’t actually say, but we will be hoping to take our boys to see some COWBOYS!!! 

Hard to believe, but life can go by quickly and change just as quickly. We are very thankful to all be home and well. Thank you Jesus!


Drop in at our house!

7 Aug

Last Sunday night, we had the opportunity to host a “drop in” at our house.  We had a good group of boys and girls (heavy on the boys) and they played in the pool, played basketball, got in the hot tub and played XBox.  As of this month, both guys are promoting upward to the college age Sunday School class. (but,I have a feeling that they’ll still hang around anyway)

 We have been so blessed and are very grateful to the youth staff for the years of service they have given to our kids.  I know they have played a significant role in who my kids have become today.  Thanks to the time and caring of the youth minister “extraordinaire” that we have.  (Brian actually taught my oldest to drive a stick shift!)  He makes such an effort with the youth.  His fall retreats were always favored by my boys over the summer camps. 

So……..a great big, huge, awesome thank you to Brian and company!

Note:  The two little cuties in these pictures belong to Brian and his sweet wife Melissa.  These babies don’t know how blessed they are to have the opportunity to grow up under God’s guidance with these two precious people.  (thanks for permission to post their photos)

The little guy in this picture was stuck at the shallow end with the duck, but wanted to be with the big boys playing basketball.  When they got in the hot tub, he wanted to get in “dat swimmin pool”.  Lastly, if you want to imagine him with the duck in the pool, just think “Dash” from The Incredibles.  He was a hoot!

Living Proof Live weekend…..friends, food, faith and fellowship

4 Aug

Louisville, KY – sell out audience for Beth Moore, as she shares the Word of God to those ready to hear!

We arrived in Louisville just in time for lunch.  Where else but the Cheesecake Factory. We saw another group of “siestas” there with My Journey.  We had wonderful food and then, of course, had to have cheesecake.  Mine was Dulce de Leche, Sing Me Home had something caramel macadamian nut – both were slap your leg delicious (sorry, didn’t last long enough to get much of a picture).

Next, you can’t go on a road trip without a little shopping, so we hit the mall.  This one had a Pottery Barn – oh how I love that store!  Off to the hotel, check in, change clothes (of course), snap a photo, and on to the church.  Worship was heavenly, Beth was inspiring and we all left with a little less makeup and the challenge to put down deep roots through study of God’s Word.  I don’t have my notes here with me, but I do want to share the 7 items she listed (later).  But, since it is a slow Monday afternoon, I wanted to go ahead and share the pictures.  Wish everyone could have been there.

Here comes the bride……..

12 Jul


Today, a very, very sweet young couple will become man and wife.  The wedding is at 3:00 and I have the honor of being one of the musicians to play.  A friend playing organ and I will be accompanying a french horn performing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and we’re playing How Beautiful and the Bridal Chorus.  It is going to be a beautiful wedding with reception to follow at the River Park Center.  May God Bless this precious man and woman!



Got tagged today!

11 Jul

Today I got tagged by a very sweet person – fellow blogger and scrapper, Theresa.  Here are the answers to the questions.  If I tag you, lets hear your answers. 


10 years ago I was: Not a regular member of any church.  Working with H&R Block at our old location.  A mom of young children, my children were in 2nd and 3rd grade (I think). We were living at our other house on Weir Rd.   

Five things to do today:  1. Go walk the trail (check).  2. Do day 1and 2 of the Patriach’s (check) 3.  Practice music for wedding rehearsal tonight (check) 4.  Attend wedding rehearsal.  5. Come home and go to bed!

Snack I enjoy:
Peanut Buster Parfait from DQ

Things I would do if a Millionaire:
Let some one else run my business and hubbie and I would work in home missions.

Places I have lived:
Born in Paducah, lived in Greenville, then Bowling Green, then Madison, Wisconsin, then back to Greenville

The four people I’m going to tag Kim, Rosi, Kimberly and Lori.

Hey, everyone, I thought I would just pass a word along. Today, Saturday, is Wet Granola’s birthdate. Pop in on her blog or leave a happy birthday comment for her here.

8 Jun


 Happy Birthday, Stacey♥  Hope

you’ve had a happy one!   

Love you, sister ~