Yes, I’ve been messing around with it again.

6 Oct

Yes, I’ve been messing around with it again.  My blog is a neglected, but changing endeavor.  It’s like my trial and error forum.  Anyway, now I’m tired and going to bed.

22 Jan

I come from a family who seems to produce only boys!  My side of the family has no nieces, which means there are no granddaughters for my mom to make girly stuff for.  I have only boys and and they sure don’t want anything that even has a hint of girl.  They wouldn’t even let me wear one of their t-shirts because they don’t want “girl” on it.  So now,……a have a friend who is having a baby girl and I finally get the chance to do a girl baby card.  I love the little dresses on this card!

22 Jan


Sometimes its difficult to come up with a card for a guy, especially if you’re fond of making girly looking cards wit lost of curvy lines and scallopes.  I made this card for one of my sons friends who has experienced some very challenging physical issues and is heading back to college.  Hope he finds the scripture to be encouraging.


16 Jan

“My Friend’s Place” has been converted to “Yellow Butterflies”.  When I came across the quote I used in the heading, I was reminded that I have been experiencing at lot of change.  Why yellow butterflies?  Well….for one, we have them in abundance here in Kentucky.  Then secondly – these little creatures begin their life cycle as an ugly worm, then they make enclose themselves into a tomb where they remain for a season and at the end of that time, they emerge this free, floaty, beautiful creation.   How can that happen???  God’s hand at work!   So now, when I find myself feeling like the ugly worm, all I have to do is die to myself and let God bring out the beautiful creation.    



home in the snow

15 Jan

I love the way the snow makes everything look so clean……at least for a while.


14 Jan

The lemons was a birthday card.  The mouse in the bathtub  (and the mouse giving the medicine) is a House Mouse stamp and I love that entire line of stamps.  On this card I put the image on the inside–maybe a little unconventional.   The flower stamp is from Our Daily Bread Designs. 

The sick little mouse went to a young friend who had been home with a virus.  She sent me a message saying it made her day.  If that doesn’t make you feel good, nothing will.

The first batch of home cooking

14 Jan

Everything here has been a little topsy turvy and as a result I missed a friends birthday.  So…..I had to get on the ball and this is the card I made for her birthday.    I used plain black and aqua cardstock that I had at home and I love Neenah solar white paper for the card base and embossed area.  The stamp is from Justrite and I used the Beaded Circles die from Spellbinders.

So…hopefully I’m forgiven!