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2 Dec

After all the difficulty of the last two weeks with IT issues, I have to give thanks and praise that these issues are resolved and we had a smooth, busy day of operation yesterday.  Thank you Lord! 



21 Nov

Hallelujah!  God is good and I am thankful for technicians who are also good.  We have FINALLY, after spending the day with a Bellsouth technician and an IT technician today, gotten all our issues resolved and my system is running without any bumps or glitches!!!!!!  I am SOOOO ready for the weekend now.   For all you out there that are hitting the stores Christmas shopping this weekend — Hope you find great sales and lots of bargains!


18 Nov

Yesterday was a day of dead end streets.  I am having IT problems with two of my offices which are preventing the software I need from downloading.  We are in a nationwide network which feeds us the software and updates automatically – IF your network is working properly.  Mine isn’t at this time.  Hours and hours online with support.  No solutions and can’t even seem to determine where the issues are coming from.  YIKES – I go live tomorrow with this program.  My office in Mtwn had a major crash – thankfully I still had one computer in a box unopened and we got that one there and finally about 9:pm that office was ready for software delivery.  Today – I have to go back and work on my network problem and check to make sure the others are up and ready.  I almost wish I could just chuck them all and say FORGET IT!  But……………………………Computer Smash Please pray that I don’t come to this point – still frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 Oct

12:53 am and I have just come home from the office.

Send off for retreat tonight – I had to support my sweetie.

Back to computer work afterwards.  Snags here and there, but finally hit one I couldn’t fix.  I called support and those guys had gone home to bed.  If I’m up working late, why aren’t they???  I didn’t make the decision to move the deadline up two weeks at the last minute.  I’d be willing to bet that the company execs weren’t at the office at midnight tonight either! 

So, I go back tomorrow during “business” hours in order to talk to some techie nerd that can tell me what the dickens isn’t working right!!!!   

 On a happier note:  both my kids will be home this weekend – I have to think of something to make for dinner tomorrow that they will really like.  I miss them so much and will be so glad to see them.  Praise God they are in college, and thank God they still come home most weekends.

24 Jul

One of my co-workers has introduced me to a website,  I am a tech junkie (I didn’t say I knew how to USE all the tech stuff, I just like fooling with it).  So, I could VERY easily get caught up in the “have to have the latest gadget” trap. I actually am at times. has good, one day sales on various items. What I’m trying to say is one item on sale for one day. Today’s item is a 30g Apple Ipod for $129 – I think I paid $250 for the one Kid #2 LOST!. These items are listed as refurbished. But, I was told that most of the are items were items returned because the buyer couldn’t figure out how to use it.  (Sounds a little like me)

So, my Kid #2 is getting another ipod for Christmas from his grandmother. Also, on another day, I ordered a Navigon GPS for each son (also a Christmas present) and paid $89 each – store price was $199.  They arrived in about 5 days and were in perfect condition, looked just like they came from the store. The policy should an item not work – call and they send out another.  They don’t even want the non-working item back.  

So, take a look. You never know what the day’s bargain will be. It’s not too early to start shopping around for Christmas!