24 Jul

One of my co-workers has introduced me to a website, www.woot.com.  I am a tech junkie (I didn’t say I knew how to USE all the tech stuff, I just like fooling with it).  So, I could VERY easily get caught up in the “have to have the latest gadget” trap. I actually am at times.       

Woot.com has good, one day sales on various items. What I’m trying to say is one item on sale for one day. Today’s item is a 30g Apple Ipod for $129 – I think I paid $250 for the one Kid #2 LOST!. These items are listed as refurbished. But, I was told that most of the are items were items returned because the buyer couldn’t figure out how to use it.  (Sounds a little like me)

So, my Kid #2 is getting another ipod for Christmas from his grandmother. Also, on another day, I ordered a Navigon GPS for each son (also a Christmas present) and paid $89 each – store price was $199.  They arrived in about 5 days and were in perfect condition, looked just like they came from the store. The policy should an item not work – call and they send out another.  They don’t even want the non-working item back.  

So, take a look. You never know what the day’s bargain will be. It’s not too early to start shopping around for Christmas!


One Response to “Woot.com”

  1. Dan Solomonski May 2, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    You should have bought a Navigon 7200 model. I guess it`s the most good recent model.

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