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1 Jan

Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day – a good start for the new year after several days of cold and cloudy weather.  Hubbie and I had a quiet evening at home last night – not the usual New Year’s celebration, but restful.  I needed restful.  All during the day I felt the queasiness of an impending stomach bug.  We had a party invite that I would have loved to been at, but if one is going to be sick and nauseous, its best to do it in their own home.  That way, they don’t embarass themselves and mess up someone elses home.  I would have just DIED if that had happened in this particular home.

So, a light dinner, watched Mamma Mia, which I got for Christmas, then bed.  I think that was a wise choice since I am feeling much better this morning.

I am planning to take some time today for prayer and solitude, wanting to get a vision for the new year.  Also, I have to work for a little while today.

Well, that’s all for the moment – again, Happy New Year to those close and far, may God bless you abundantly in all ways this year.

Praise be to his Wonderful Name!


30 years today!

16 Dec

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary.  We have made plans to spend the night at the Opryland Hotel and do some shopping.  BUT……….the weather didn’t agree with those plans.  We might could have made it okay, but with all the warnings yesterday, we didn’t consider it to be a wise thing to try – afterall, we’re hoping for 30 more years!  So, here we are, fireplace going, the ground white, hubbie doing online CPE and I’ve been wrapping packages.   But, 30 years ago on this day, I was about to walk down the aisle.  God has indeed been good!

20 Aug

Happy Birthday to me!!!  Today, hubbie, College Boy #1 and I went on a shopping trip to buy back to college stuff and do some birthday shopping. The most memorable comment of the day was from my son who said, “Mom, why do you still have to get birthday presents?  Aren’t you getting too old!”  Well……..does he have a thing or two to learn.  I can only imagine what HIS first year of wedded bliss will be like if he doesn’t  catch on.  Thankfully, hubbie knows better than to respond to a comment like that.  He just graciously smiled and said, “Son, Mom nevers gets too old for presents”.  As sweet as he has been today and after a comment like that, he may just get a “present” himself later!   (pssst, don’t tell)

Now, back on track….we had a very nice lunch at Red Lobster, all the employees and the people at several other tables sang Happy Birthday.  Our waiter made my day by annoucing that I was 26 (hoping for a fat tip).  After that, we did Lifeway, The Mall, Hobby Lobby, back to Hobby Lobby again, Books-a-Million then home.  I had the opportunity to do a mini lesson in price watching with the college boy, because $60 is way too much for a pair of jeans when we need to buy 4 or 5 new pairs and $25-30 per wornout, t-shirt just won’t work.  We did hit some good sales and at Kohl’s when I used my credit card (yes, hubbie said it was okay) I got an extra 15% off. 

The only sort of down part of the day was at Hobby Lobby when the music was playing – for a short time, I thought I would cry from missing College Boy #2.  But, I got a grip and went on and was okay.  #2 had made me a card before he left and he called me this morning to say Happy Birthday.  Oops, don’t need to get going there too much.  Oh well…… been a busy day, now home and gotta get to packing for Friday.  Check on me this time next week, we’ll be home alone– just make sure I’m not in a big puddle some where.

A very special event

14 Aug

Tonight will be a very special night for my youngest son.  He will be headed to a local restaurant after he gets finished with his last night of work to have dinner with a group of men who have been influencial in his life.  This is his time to hear wisdom, encouragement, admonishion, advice and instruction from pastor, Sunday school teacher, youth minister, youth worker, adult mentors and friends.  It is a “passing of the torch” in some manner –  a time of speaking blessing.  It is his college send off dinner.  My husband had this last year for our oldest and is repeating it again for our youngest.  He will purchase a copy of “The Wild at Heart”, and at the dinner each man present will sign it and it will be given to my son.  My heart feels something so significant about this time.  This rite of passage signifies an offical putting away of childish things and taking on adult things.  It fills my heart.  I have moments of weeping, but hopefully more moments of celebrating the young man he has become. 

 I will pray daily for you, precious boy.  You have always been so strong-willed, now I hope that strong will will see you through times that require perserverance and endurance.  You are aiming for some very high goals. I pray that God grant you favor and give you success in achieving those goals.  I pray that you will NOT forget the One, to whom you have pledged your heart.  Stay strong, seek His will, and resist temptation.  Trust HIm, obey and listen for His voice. You will never be alone, He will always be there with you.  Your father, brother and I are always there for you.  

Go now, and soar, my young eagle.  I can send you off, knowing that even though MY eyes cannot see you, I know you are being watched.

Love,   Mom


Here comes the bride……..

12 Jul


Today, a very, very sweet young couple will become man and wife.  The wedding is at 3:00 and I have the honor of being one of the musicians to play.  A friend playing organ and I will be accompanying a french horn performing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and we’re playing How Beautiful and the Bridal Chorus.  It is going to be a beautiful wedding with reception to follow at the River Park Center.  May God Bless this precious man and woman!