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Wii Fit frenzy……….

30 Dec

Wii Fit Image 2Wii Fit Image 1Wii Fit Image 3

The top contender for present of the year for us is our new Wii fit game.  After a long hunt and search process (I refused to pay the on-line price after the beginning of December), my sister managed to snag one for us.  The gift was actually to my hubbie, but secretly, I really was the one that wanted it. 

We have such a competition raging here.  Right now, my youngest is the reigning king of soccer and a whiz at the ski jump,  and I am the queen of the hula hoop. 

I have managed to get in 3- 1 hour workouts (and don’t even think for a minute that because it is a game, that it doesn’t give you a work out).  I begin with balance exercises, move on to aerobic – my favorite is the advanced step – peak with a basic run – cool down with the step again and then finish off with 2-3 yoga exercises. 

Tonight I practiced the “tree” position in yoga and almost fell on my face!  It took a little while to figure out which muscles I need to use to maintain balance (I was trying to use my foot and ankle, but that’s not it 🙂 . I actually ended up looking more like that position in the Karate Kid. You know the one – standing on the rock on the beach, yeah, that was me!

Last night we had some friends over and it was so much fun to create the little characters and then watch each other attempt the different activities.  We cheered for one another and laughed at one another – the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Hopefully, the effort will reap rewards of improved fitness, which is something I badly need.  Using the regular Wii game, my first wii age was, gulp,   80!  Shock  After the first 24 hours passed, I improved until I was, OMG 61! 

Well, today I did the Wii fit test and I was 47 Way Too Happy .  (yes, I am older than 47 so this is good!)  Criteria for this assessment involves, balance, agility, speed, BMI, and who knows what else. And, the test is not the same every time, so you can’t practice up for it. 

 I don’t know how significant it actually is, but it made me feel better and want to push harder to keep going and I suppose that was my actual purpose for wanting the thing.

Anyway, as the new year approaches, I have goals set, time frame for accomplishing the goals set and have taken the first step forward.  Now, lets see if we get any results.  Whether I meet the goals or not, I am certainly having a lot of fun trying and it has given us another activity that we can come together to do as a family.  Now, that’s worth $89 wouldn’t you say?


3 things

22 Nov

I saw this on another blog and wasn’t actually tagged, but thought it would be fun to pick up anyway.

Post these rules on your blog.

List: 3 joys,
3 fears,
3 goals,
3 current obsessions/collections,
3 facts about yourself. Tag
3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.
My family
My joy in God – my true source of strength
The wonder of God’s creation
being separted from my kids
performing in front of a big crowd
short term – get through Christmas
get ready for tax season
developing a “greener” lifestyle
Current Obsessions / Collections
my camera
Facts about myself
I love being organized, but can’t seem to be consistent with it
I am a book junkie
I am 51 and fun!!!!  (well, I can pretend anyway)

So, I guess this is the part where I TAG YOU!

What’s next?

30 Oct

I am cold this morning! 

After church last night, we came home and there was a great big power cable across the road – next we noticed that there were NO lights anywhere in our neighborhood.  I guess this power line decided he didn’t want to be hanging there any more.  That’s the only explanation anyone could come up with.  There weren’t any high winds yesterday and no obvious reason for it to be down.  But,  there we were!  We lit a few candles, packed up some stuff and headed for Mom’s.  Thank God for Mom!  Today, we have power, but a very cold house.  I am not getting out of MY clothes yet to get in that shower, so I’m blogging.

Next to report:  My son #2 called yesterday and I could hear the bubble in his voice (a huge difference from Sunday).  He had taken his Western Civ test! The professor had made a review session available for them and he decided to go (I was so proud he made that decision).  He said almost everything they reviewed was on the test!  Good move Nick!  He said he felt really good about it and I felt really good hearing the joy return to his voice.  Whew!  Life was a lot easier when all I had to do was kiss a boo boo, or find a hot wheels car – get a bottle – rock to sleep – …………. oh me I’m gonna start getting sappy here if I don’t quit.

On a different note, it’s almost time for An Autumn Gathering – our ladies brunch – on Saturday.  The guest speaker is such an amazing and powerful woman of God and I am looking forward to hearing her.  Anyone who doesn’t get to come, is really missing a treat! 

Next week is going to be another killer week.  Sunday, hubbie is leading worship.  Kids wills be home through Tuesday this week.  It will be their first time to vote and they can since they are both old enough now.  Then Wednesday, we take off on another trip – hopefully the last for this year.  We are going to Salt Lake City for yet another convention.  We are flying out a day early and hopefully will get to visit one of the ski resorts nearby – not that I am planning on sliding down the moutain, but I would love to see it. 

Well, the house is beginning to feel warm enough for me to attempt the shower – gotta get to work.



15 Oct

This week has been totally full of deadlines. 

 Some expected and planned for, but others have been pushed up from the 30th. I have 3 out of 4 of those deadlines met and hope to complete the final task tomorrow. Computing

 Weekend retreat for hubbie – got to get his stuff ready, or at least make sure it’s clean for him to get ready.  Gosh, if my boys don’t come home this weekend, that means no hubbie and no kids……..I don’t know how to do that. Ummm

 Tent revival this week-not happening for me Dismay– not this time. 

 Home church revival – hoping to make at least once. Prayer

Saturday night – go hold a candle.Candle 

 Sunday morning – worship and Sunday School. Place Of Worship

 Sunday night pack for trip.  Up early Monday morning, heading out to catch a plane and a week in Orlando, Pilotmeetings, seminars, catching up with business friends, hopefully some sun and fun, coming home Friday and starting all over again.

BTW – got a surprise to share when I get back!!! 

Tuesday morn

7 Oct

todays agenda: 

walked the trail this morning 

Mickey D’s for a breakfast burrito – my favorite breakfast 

home to iron hubbies clothes  

window guy coming to measure for replacement windows, which we badly need 

painter running late today – Praise God we are almost finished 

meeting later about women’s brunch 

found my planner (whew!  it has all my passwords in it) 

expecting to hear from #2 to compare notes on last nights Heroes episode (that show is starting to get a little too weird)

trip to grocery at some point 

just got a call from Kim, she held the phone so I could hear the ocean, aaahhh, wish I were there too 

 headed to the back porch – quiet time

Why do I do stupid things?

2 Oct

Today has been extraordinary busy.  MOPS this morning, then home to continue with painting.  We are on the living room and that one is the most difficult since it is the largest and has a staircase.  In order to keep things from being an overall mess.  We are doing one wall at a time – complete and finished, trim and all.  That method worked great when we did the bedroom and I get some sense of accomplishment by being able to put one area back in order. Since I was running around, kinda back and forth, I accidently took my meds twice today.  I didn’t even realize I had done it until my stomach started hurting – BAD – and then the vomiting came.  I managed to call the dr and he got on the phone.  No need to go to ER, but I would probably be pretty hyper for 4-5 hours.  Was he ever right. I’ve been like a kid needing a dose of rydalin (sp?).  Then, a few hours ago it must have all cleared my system because now I feel like the gunk on the bottom of the river.  This has just NOT been a good day!

Finally some answers are coming…

1 Oct

Today I had a doctor appointment with my doc in Eville.  After my appointment, reviewing lab tests, medications, etc., he arranged for a consult with an endocrinologist.  This doctor was a lady and when I sat down in her office I was aware that there was Christian music softly playing.  (I love this wellness center, there is a very Christian atmosphere). 

We talked, she asked questions, she listened while I explained the sequence of events that have transpired the last year and a half.  When I told her that I at one point I was just about at the jumping off a bridge point.  This is when she blew me away.  She said, “Well, did you think about God?”  Have you EVER had a doctor ask you something like that on the first visit.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  Well… about an ice-breaker of a question. 

My 10 minute consult turned into a time of fellowship, once the medical stuff was out of the way.  What was even more helpful was that she has had exactly the same mid-life experience that I have had.  (I had tears in my eyes – finally somebody “got” me)  She was telling me her story and it sounded like me talking.  I can’t tell you the word she used for me -adrenohyposomething-, but it amounts to adrenal exhaustion.  About 1 in 100 women experience this during menopause and it can be potentionally life threatening. 

Dr. Gabhart’s specialty is endocrinology, her subspecialty is neuro-endocrinology.  I have never had such a thorough explanation, accompanied by picture drawing, at any doctor visit. She also did it as a courtesy to Doc C, which means there was no fee!!!  Another thing I really liked is that her frontline of treatment is naturopathic. 

 From this point on, she will collaborate with Dr. C and I believe between the two of them I will finally get well!  Praise God!!!!