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spring blossoms

27 Apr


It seems like everything is beginning to take on color.  I love that about spring.  Dogwood tree are blooming, my crabapple tree, and now the perennials in my flower beds are opening up. 

One of the objectives for my gardens has been to gradually transition from mostly annuals to perennial flowering plants.  Last year I planted the clematis vine (picture) and this year it is already a bunch of pods that are beginning to open. 



side-of-fence1The area by my fence contains this clematis and a dianthis which I planted two years ago.  This year, this is how it came up.  NO work on my part, I did nothing and I think the flowers are so beautiful.  I would love to have all my gardening be this easy. 


This is another variety of dianthus.  It is not as hardy as the one above and I think it is only biennienal.  (I have these across the front of my house)   Once again, they just came up like this.  I didn’t have to do anything.  You just have to love it!!!  

 I had been concerned that the megabucks I invested last year in rubber mulch may have been a bit extravagant, but it has held up really well.  I have only had to pull weeds around the perimeter of the beds and they were much easier to pull up than last year.   So, I think over a period of 3 years, it will prove to be more cost effective and less labor intensive.  It has taken me so much less time to get things cleaned up after winter.    

In other areas of I have hostas that are poking up. In some places they are already really big.  I have bulbs and more perennials that I hope to get out soon.  Spent Saturday afternoon trimming shrubs.  Yes, I still use the hedge trimmer that requires manual empowerment.  I DO NOT allow the hub to do this because the last time, I ended up with a bush that looked like pacman.  It is still trying to grow and fill in that gap.  Trimming shrubs required the use of muscles that don’t typically work when sitting at my computer all winter.  Needless to say, Sunday morning I was hurting. 

But, today is Monday, muscles have made amazing recovery, I am back at the computer in the office, but looking forward to getting out the gardening gloves and starting again this afternoon.

More pics to come.   





30 Aug

Practicing today, learning to focus at various places, loving looking through the eye of a camera, learning patience because those two little hummingbirds scare away very easily, enjoying God’s creation

Finally got my new camera!

28 Aug

My hubbie gave me a new camera for my birthday and I just got it this week.  It’s a Nikon D40.  I made the step from point and shoot to digital SLR – now just exactly what that means, I’m not sure.  I know that for now, my favorite part is the absence of shutter lag.  These pictures were taken this afternoon – just had to test it out.  I have been researching online and reading the manual, but I think the best way for me to learn is just trial and error.  The zoom lens hasn’t arrived yet, (the one that came with the camera is only up to 3x, the other one will zoom up to 11.1x) so I was on the ground, chasing the butterfly around this afternoon.  He cooperated fairly well.

So far, the only downside I can see right now is the size.  The camera body is not much larger than my other camera, but it has these big knocker lenses! So…out there in blogland – if anyone has any tips, comments, suggestions, etc., etc…..your input is welcome.

17 Jul

Summer Blooms

Another display of splendor

15 May

Just had to share this beautiful creature with you.  As some of you know I have been working to update some of the landscaping around our house—a lot of sweat equity going on here.  I love the garden.  I love the dirt.  I love the earthworms and the bees and the butterflies.  I DO NOT love the snails because they eat my hostas.  But what I really, really most especially love is the creativity of our Father, with his endless palatte of colors, designs, textures and shapes.  I will have more pics to follow, but this was so beautiful I couldn’t wait.  Hope you enjoy.


Tax Day Surprise

21 Apr

Aren’t these flowers beautiful.  Again, thanks to the dear friend who brightened my day last week.