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Wii Fit frenzy……….

30 Dec

Wii Fit Image 2Wii Fit Image 1Wii Fit Image 3

The top contender for present of the year for us is our new Wii fit game.  After a long hunt and search process (I refused to pay the on-line price after the beginning of December), my sister managed to snag one for us.  The gift was actually to my hubbie, but secretly, I really was the one that wanted it. 

We have such a competition raging here.  Right now, my youngest is the reigning king of soccer and a whiz at the ski jump,  and I am the queen of the hula hoop. 

I have managed to get in 3- 1 hour workouts (and don’t even think for a minute that because it is a game, that it doesn’t give you a work out).  I begin with balance exercises, move on to aerobic – my favorite is the advanced step – peak with a basic run – cool down with the step again and then finish off with 2-3 yoga exercises. 

Tonight I practiced the “tree” position in yoga and almost fell on my face!  It took a little while to figure out which muscles I need to use to maintain balance (I was trying to use my foot and ankle, but that’s not it 🙂 . I actually ended up looking more like that position in the Karate Kid. You know the one – standing on the rock on the beach, yeah, that was me!

Last night we had some friends over and it was so much fun to create the little characters and then watch each other attempt the different activities.  We cheered for one another and laughed at one another – the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Hopefully, the effort will reap rewards of improved fitness, which is something I badly need.  Using the regular Wii game, my first wii age was, gulp,   80!  Shock  After the first 24 hours passed, I improved until I was, OMG 61! 

Well, today I did the Wii fit test and I was 47 Way Too Happy .  (yes, I am older than 47 so this is good!)  Criteria for this assessment involves, balance, agility, speed, BMI, and who knows what else. And, the test is not the same every time, so you can’t practice up for it. 

 I don’t know how significant it actually is, but it made me feel better and want to push harder to keep going and I suppose that was my actual purpose for wanting the thing.

Anyway, as the new year approaches, I have goals set, time frame for accomplishing the goals set and have taken the first step forward.  Now, lets see if we get any results.  Whether I meet the goals or not, I am certainly having a lot of fun trying and it has given us another activity that we can come together to do as a family.  Now, that’s worth $89 wouldn’t you say?


3 things

22 Nov

I saw this on another blog and wasn’t actually tagged, but thought it would be fun to pick up anyway.

Post these rules on your blog.

List: 3 joys,
3 fears,
3 goals,
3 current obsessions/collections,
3 facts about yourself. Tag
3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.
My family
My joy in God – my true source of strength
The wonder of God’s creation
being separted from my kids
performing in front of a big crowd
short term – get through Christmas
get ready for tax season
developing a “greener” lifestyle
Current Obsessions / Collections
my camera
Facts about myself
I love being organized, but can’t seem to be consistent with it
I am a book junkie
I am 51 and fun!!!!  (well, I can pretend anyway)

So, I guess this is the part where I TAG YOU!

Last week’s review

27 Oct

Orlando, Florida – 2008 National Convention

Up bright and early Monday morning to catch our flight and spend 5, very fast days in Orlando, Florida –  Hubbie, me and 3 office leaders.  By the time Friday night, back home, came – I was dragging my you know what.  It was fun, it was tiring, we had one major scare and I am glad it is over.  Here is a condensed version of the week:

Monday: arrival and bus to Coronado Springs resort 

Monday night:  Disney gala – danced with hubbie 

Tuesday:  Recognition of Top 100 – yes one of them was ME!!! Presentations by the big guys, one particularly good one included “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.  You can find it on U Tube.

Entertainment of the morning, jugglers – they were really good 

Tuesday night:  Mickey’s Not so Scarey Halloween Party (I am too old for that stuff – it was fun, but I was exhausted) 

Wednesday:  Boring stuff – tax stuff, blah, blah, blah  CRISIS – Then:  Trouble at WKU, lockdown, couldn’t reach kids, Bro. Ray calls, heard from Andrew, finally heard from Nick, everyone okay, whew, relief!   Back to boring tax stuff.

Wednesday night:  Took a boat to the Disney Boardwalk. Then Downtown Disney – loved the Swan and Dolphin resort. 

Thursday:  more tax stuff, break sessions, more tax stuff, more blah, blah, blah 

Thursday night:  Banquet at SEAWORLD!! Took tons of pictures, too many to post.  I can’t even imagine what HR paid for this!!! We had shrimp cocktails and crab claws, chicken, fish, pork, desserts like you wouldn’t believe and a special show from Shamu! 

Friday: Great presentation by Disney and then a presentation from the criminal investigation division of IRS (boy you would have loved THIS one) 

Finally:  conclusion and annoucement of next year’s location. Can’t actually say, but we will be hoping to take our boys to see some COWBOYS!!! 

Hard to believe, but life can go by quickly and change just as quickly. We are very thankful to all be home and well. Thank you Jesus!


23 Sep


Season premier of Heroes:  The Villians 

How many of you are Heroes fans?  What did you think about the 3 hour premier (couldn’t go that long – skipped most of the first interview part)?  The first episode was entitled “The Second Coming”.  It’s interesting, but seemed to be a little “more of the same” to me.  Some interesting new characters – more mean.  Guess that’s why this season is called villians. 

Do you have any favorites?  Nick once asked me who my fav was.  I told him Mohinder.  He said figures.  If you don’t know, Mohinder is a very nice looking Indian man with a gorgeous  voice.  He often does the narration for the episode.  So, it wasn’t his the way he looked that I really liked, but the way he sounded (besides, up until this season he has been one of the good guys). 

 But…ya know what?  In the pre-premier interviews, he sounded just like any other American, so that means the accent is just an act.  What a disappointment!  

 Now, I am not just a huge fan of most network television, (Heroes and House are about it) but, this show has caught my attention.  It has kinda turned to be “our show” for Nick and I.  So, I thought it would be fun to hear what you thought.  Come on now, who’s your fav.  


8 Sep

Labor Day weekend trip to the Huntsville Space center.  We went to visit my brother and sil, my other brother, nephew, nephew’s fiance, mom, our crew and little niece were all there.  We actually were able to gain admittance to the center for FREE!!  I don’t know what kind of deal hubbie and brother cut with the ticket clerk, but we got in for free.  (Maybe because it was late in the day and my brother was in the air force???)  Anyway, it was fun and interesting and my guys enjoyed it.  Hope you enjoy the pix.

Hubbie dear, you should read this! I think you’re at the top!

21 Aug

What is his name?  my superman for blog purposes or hubbie

How long have you been married? almost 30 years (bet there aren’t many that can beat that)

How long did you date? from senior year in high school to junior year in college

How old is he?  50 

Who eats more sweets? definitely me, but I’ve got to cut it out!

Who said I love you first?  Too long ago to remember, he says it every day now.

Who is taller?  Him

Who can sing better?   I would have to vote for him.

Who is smarter? Me, of course, I picked him didn’tI?

Who does the laundry?  We both have in the past, but he isn’t allowed to any more.

Who pays the bills?  Definitely him, I deferred the financial matters of our home to him years ago and it works very well like that.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?  At the beginning of the night, he does, but by morning, who knows where he’ll be.

Who mows the lawn? He mows, I do all the other gardening.  We both love to work outdoors.

Who cooks dinner? We both do, but he is a healthier cook.

Who drives? Him, I absolutely refuse to drive with him in the passenger seat. 

Who is more stubborn?  That’s probably a tie 
Who kissed who first?  Guy’s we’re talking 30+ years here, I don’t remember.

Who asked who out first? He asked me out first on a double date with his cousin – that I do remember.

Who proposed? He did, on his knees even.

Who has more siblings? He does.  I have 3, he has 5

Who wears the pants?  We both do, at least, we both make decisions together.  Ultimately though, he has the final word.

Now…what about your hubby????? Play along if you wish.

Drop in at our house!

7 Aug

Last Sunday night, we had the opportunity to host a “drop in” at our house.  We had a good group of boys and girls (heavy on the boys) and they played in the pool, played basketball, got in the hot tub and played XBox.  As of this month, both guys are promoting upward to the college age Sunday School class. (but,I have a feeling that they’ll still hang around anyway)

 We have been so blessed and are very grateful to the youth staff for the years of service they have given to our kids.  I know they have played a significant role in who my kids have become today.  Thanks to the time and caring of the youth minister “extraordinaire” that we have.  (Brian actually taught my oldest to drive a stick shift!)  He makes such an effort with the youth.  His fall retreats were always favored by my boys over the summer camps. 

So……..a great big, huge, awesome thank you to Brian and company!

Note:  The two little cuties in these pictures belong to Brian and his sweet wife Melissa.  These babies don’t know how blessed they are to have the opportunity to grow up under God’s guidance with these two precious people.  (thanks for permission to post their photos)

The little guy in this picture was stuck at the shallow end with the duck, but wanted to be with the big boys playing basketball.  When they got in the hot tub, he wanted to get in “dat swimmin pool”.  Lastly, if you want to imagine him with the duck in the pool, just think “Dash” from The Incredibles.  He was a hoot!