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If you enjoy Christian fiction…….

18 Sep

check out this book by Wm. Paul Young.

Bear in mind that it IS fiction. Typically, I don’t care for most of what is marketed as Christian fiction (and this may not be your cup of tea).  However, I am enjoying this book. The symbolism is rich, showing us that the writer has been blessed with a vivid imagination.  Also, his style is so captivating, it is easy to forget the story itself is not real, even though it may be representative of some things we believe to be very real. 

Some things that have been meaningful for me so far:

1.  God is good!  events, circumstances, people, consequences, etc., are not always good, but God IS good – all the time!

2.  God is always present.  We may not sense His presence every moment of every day, but that does not mean that He is absent.  When we celebrate, He joins in the celebration, rejoicing and loving our enjoyment.

In our darkest, most dire moments, He is there, totally aware and He gives us the necessary grace to endure whatever we are required to face.  That includes those who must experience these moments indirectly.

3.  We must believe that God loves us so much that there was nothing of Himself he would not choose to sacrifice in order to save us from eternal judgement.  When we come to know this, we are able to experience trust.

4. Sadness, unhappiness, and fear are not caused from the presence of darkness in our lives, but from the absence of light.  Find and receive He who is the Light and the darkness is dispelled.

 Now….I’m not finished yet (its an easy read) and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who chooses to venture into the bookstore to take a peek. (I’ve really not given you any specifics, have I?) It seems to be very popular – on the New York Times best-seller list. I think that’s a wow for Christian fiction. The Christian bookstores seem to be selling out quickly.

So…..I am interested to hear what you think–good, bad, indifferent.

31 Jul

I would like to introduce you to a book I have been reading.  I got it at Lifeway and it has been a good, reasonably comprehensive book for women at, or approaching this place in life. (note: I liked it better than Dr. Northrup’s book)

 It addresses issues such as empty nest, menopausal stuff, stress, anxiety, nutrition, exercise, important health screenings, supplementation and much more.  She says we can turn back the clock on aging, make 50 the new 30. (not that I particularly want to be 30 again, just feel like it)

I love the way she writes,the format she uses in this book and her Christian perspective.  It is worth checking out, if you’re in the market for something like this (or if you will be in 10-20 years).

27 Feb

celebration-of-discipline-cover.jpgThis book was on Maggie’s website.  I think I am going to order from Amazon.  They have both new and used.  If any of the local folks would like one, let me know in comments and we might be able to save on shipping costs.

My Favorite Christmas Gift

28 Dec


I love this audio version of the New Testament.  It is NKJV and there are lots of top choice actors and actresses playing the various roles.  Jim Cavizel (sp?) plays Jesus.  There is a top quality orchestra doing the soundtrack and it even has special effects – the sound of horses, water running, footsteps, etc.  It is just like a movie with no picture, but it really brings things to life.  I love listening to it with headphones when I go to bed.  If anyone would like a set, Wal*Mart sells them for about 29 bucks.  That’s cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen them.  (Lifeway had them ON SALE for $39). 

Anyway, for someone who wants to get more of the Word into your heart, but just don’t feel like reading, its a great alternative.



18 Jun

Ok…so I have discovered Karen Kingsbury, a christian writer and have already read 5 of her books since vacation.  Anyway, I am reading one called “A Time to Dance” right now and just had to share this food for thought.  We all know that the bible references eagles a number of times.  One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 40:31…”but those that hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles, they will not run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Anyway, one of the characters in this book is doing a school report on eagles and shares some interesting facts.  First of all, the eagle is the only bird that doesn’t run from trouble.  Instead, it uses the storms of life to take it to a higher place.  They rise above the trouble around them.  Secondly, an eagle almost never eats anything dead but if it does, if something happens to make it sick, it flies to the highest rock it can find, spreads itself across it and lets the sun soak out all the poison.  Take a minute and READ THAT AGAIN.  I mean, WOW….let it soak in.  I don’t know about you but I want to be an eagle!!!!  I want to make it second nature that whenever I find myself in trouble (every day!!!) I take my pain to the “ROCK” and let the “SON” soak out all the junk and make me strong again.  Whew….I just love that thought.  I just may have to do a little reasearch of my own about eagles.  This may not speak to you the way it did me but I wanted to get it down so that I could look back on it.  Your thoughts????  KV