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Not your everyday situation!

13 Jan


January 5, Grandma and grandson check into the hospital and are allowed to share the same room (they don’t usually allow girls and guys in the same room, but hey, this doesn’t count!) – making it easier for me and hubbie.  Don’t you love the matching wardrobe! 

All went well with the surgeries and patients are home and doing fine.   Mom came home Sunday and has done remarkably well after her surgery (pathology was all negative).  Nick’s was outpatient and even though it is terrible to get your tonsils out at 18, he is on the downside of the journey.  I want to give praise God for their recovery and healing. 

PS:  Thanks go to Bro. Ray for the photo. Also many thanks to the church family who were there during the surgeries and after.  We love you all.


Hurry up and wait……oops, not today afterall.

31 Dec

My mother has breast cancer–again!  She was diagnosed in Novemeber 0f 2003 and opted for mastectomy.  She has had her yearly mamograms and does self exams.  Her cancer was estrogen receptive or tamoxofen was given which she could not tolerate and discontinued.

Week before Christmas, we learn that she now has cancer again.  Things have moved swiftly, she had a biopsy, which was positive, surgery was scheduled quickly and today we arrive at the hospital.  Mom dresses in the lovely hospital gown provided.  They poke, prod and ask 2000 questions.  At some point in all this, boom, darkness!  The power went out.  No problem, we thought, the hospital has a backup generator.  We wait……..we wait………..we wait!  Pediatrics has power, ER has power, other units have power, but our area has no power——–after over an hour!!!!!!!

Finally, the nurse comes in and says no surgery today.  The equipment needed for mom’s surgery would not come up. 

So……………….now we wait more.    We wait until Monday. 

Then, I get to wait while my mom AND my son have surgery.

Won’t that be a wonderful day!!!!!!!

Prayers needed, please.

1 Dec

Dear friends:  Today I have a very heavy heart.  My friend, Christy, whom I have mentioned on this blog before, had surgery two weeks ago today to reverse the illiostomy from her colon surgery earlier this fall (Christy has had 3 occurances of colon cancer).  Over the weekend she began experiencing some complications and has been admitted to the hospital in Louisville again.  She has developed a minor leak in the reversal, and the tests have revealed a new tumor – this time in her liver.  Please remember this sister in prayer. 

Shamelessly begging…..

27 May

for you to pray for my dear friend.  She began her chemo the second week of this month and of course the side effects have begun.  I know she can make it through this, but she needs every drop of strength she can get from the prayers of the saints.  The following is an email I got from her today: 



Yes, I have had a few people tell me that they think that she looks like me (referring to her granddaughter’s pictures she sent).  I sure don’t see it though.  She is way too cute to look anything like me. 

Thanks for the prayers and not just yours but the group.  I sure do need them.  I am really having a hard time with it this time.  Besides all of the terrible side effects that come with the chemo and radiation I just can’t seem to keep my spirits up this time.  It seems like I spend most of my days in tears, which I know isn’t good, but I am just having a hard time giving it over to God this time.  Sometimes I just want to give up, which I know is just Satin, but I still have those bouts of depression.  I have watched the movie Facing the Giants a couple of times and am trying to be the farmer who not only prayed for rain but also prepared the fields as well. 

Thanks again for your friendship,


 Thanks in advance to all of you.

Pray for Christy

15 May

Well, I’ve been asking for prayer for my friend Christy (she is in her third occurence of colon cancer).  Just spoke with Nancy the OM and here’s the plan.  Tomorrow Christy will get her port in–that way, not so many bad needle sticks.  This is the beginning of 5 1/2 weeks of chemo and radiation.  Then they redo the scans to see if the tumors have shrunk and to reevaluate her situation.  If things are what they expect—-then surgery, with a temporary ostomy. 

Next, 30 days to heal.  Then, 6 months of more chemo and radiation.  Then, reassess. 

This dear sister needs all the prayer support she can get.  This looks to be a challenging year for her.  Her spirits seem good and she has two grandbabies that she is fighting to live for.  Please remember her.