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16 Jan

“My Friend’s Place” has been converted to “Yellow Butterflies”.  When I came across the quote I used in the heading, I was reminded that I have been experiencing at lot of change.  Why yellow butterflies?  Well….for one, we have them in abundance here in Kentucky.  Then secondly – these little creatures begin their life cycle as an ugly worm, then they make enclose themselves into a tomb where they remain for a season and at the end of that time, they emerge this free, floaty, beautiful creation.   How can that happen???  God’s hand at work!   So now, when I find myself feeling like the ugly worm, all I have to do is die to myself and let God bring out the beautiful creation.    




Not your everyday situation!

13 Jan


January 5, Grandma and grandson check into the hospital and are allowed to share the same room (they don’t usually allow girls and guys in the same room, but hey, this doesn’t count!) – making it easier for me and hubbie.  Don’t you love the matching wardrobe! 

All went well with the surgeries and patients are home and doing fine.   Mom came home Sunday and has done remarkably well after her surgery (pathology was all negative).  Nick’s was outpatient and even though it is terrible to get your tonsils out at 18, he is on the downside of the journey.  I want to give praise God for their recovery and healing. 

PS:  Thanks go to Bro. Ray for the photo. Also many thanks to the church family who were there during the surgeries and after.  We love you all.


1 Jan

Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day – a good start for the new year after several days of cold and cloudy weather.  Hubbie and I had a quiet evening at home last night – not the usual New Year’s celebration, but restful.  I needed restful.  All during the day I felt the queasiness of an impending stomach bug.  We had a party invite that I would have loved to been at, but if one is going to be sick and nauseous, its best to do it in their own home.  That way, they don’t embarass themselves and mess up someone elses home.  I would have just DIED if that had happened in this particular home.

So, a light dinner, watched Mamma Mia, which I got for Christmas, then bed.  I think that was a wise choice since I am feeling much better this morning.

I am planning to take some time today for prayer and solitude, wanting to get a vision for the new year.  Also, I have to work for a little while today.

Well, that’s all for the moment – again, Happy New Year to those close and far, may God bless you abundantly in all ways this year.

Praise be to his Wonderful Name!

A good devotional for when we don’t think God is moving quickly enough.

29 Nov

Jairus is in a hurry. If you have children, or even if you don’t, you can probably sympathize with his plight. You see, his little daughter is dying. Or, as the Message paraphrase puts it, his “dear daughter is at death’s door.” (Mark 5:23)

So you can imagine why he’d be more than a little perturbed when, the Lord tarries on the way to Jairus’ house. “Who touched my clothes?” Jesus suddenly asks the crowd. The disciples, perhaps a bit anxious themselves given the gravity of the situation, reply “Look at this crowd pressing around you. How can you ask, ?Who touched me?'”. Then Jesus proceeds to leisurely engage the woman in conversation. It turns out that she’s suffered from a medical condition for the last twelve years.

“Twelve years?” thinks Jairus, “My daughter is dying! Surely this woman can wait a little longer!”

Then, while Jesus is still talking with the woman, messengers arrive with the most dreaded news imaginable: “Your daughter is dead.”

“Oh Lord, why couldn’t you just have hurried?” Jairus probably cried to himself. From a human perspective, all was lost. But from a heavenly perspective, “all things are possible with God.” (Mark 10:27) Jesus responded immediately: “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:36)

God’s timing is not ours: “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (1 Peter 3:8). But we can be confident that whenever and however God chooses to respond to us, it will be good, just, and to His glory.

A reminder to continue to be vigilant

16 Oct

From this mornings devotion – I needed this reminder.

It is easy for our awareness of God to diminish in our busy schedules. It is easy to lose our observant eye and ear as we rush from one thing to the next!  In the noise and commotion of life, it is easy to miss the still, small voice within us.How do we remain vigilant in our Christian walk? A vigilant person is watchful and alert. He is observant with an eye to the future and is on guard for dangers or pitfalls.A vigilant person pays attention to the little things in his life and in his relationships. He is careful with his money knowing that the little things can add up to be big things. He is alert to the subtle slip in important relationships. He takes the time to mend the small tears in the relationships around him, knowing this will make them stronger in the future.

A vigilant person is wise in tending his marriage. Wherever he can he seeks to sow seeds of approval, appreciation, affection and attention in this most important of human relationships.

“Be very careful, then, how you walk? not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

As you walk through this day ask God to help you be observant to His still, small voice nudging you. When you are attentive in your relationship with God He will help you grow to become more aware and vigilant in your life and relationships.

I am so guilty of letting the stuff and clutter of life just push me throughout my day – just going and not paying attention to what’s is going on around me. 

Sometimes it feels like I wear blinders and just don’t see.  Other times I see and hear, but keep plowing on telling myself, later, later. 

Things that are not cared for, watched after and nurtured will shrivel up, dry up and die.  It can be our money or other resources God gives, it can be our friendships, it can be our marriage – our relationship with our children – our relationship with our church and most importantly our relationship will our GOD. 

 Being vigilant, or watchful requires that we keep the lanterns burning, that we keep our passion ignited.  If we let the matters of the process of living snuff out that flame, then, slowly, our individual worlds become cold and we become lonely, lifeless and hungry. 

 We often don’t even realize this has happened because the fire may not have been blown out from a gust of wind, but rather, the flame progressively burns a little less brighly, until it completely goes out. 

BUT…………we have access to the source of all life and light.  We only have to reach up and the fire of the spirit will reignite our passion.  Over the past weeks, I have felt my passion wane so, my prayer today day is that God will rekindle, reignite and renew me and make me more watchful and ever vigilant.  If there is anyone reading this that has felt this way, I pray that you will also experience a return of the passion of the Holy Spirit in your life and that we would not grow tired of being watchful. 





15 Oct

This week has been totally full of deadlines. 

 Some expected and planned for, but others have been pushed up from the 30th. I have 3 out of 4 of those deadlines met and hope to complete the final task tomorrow. Computing

 Weekend retreat for hubbie – got to get his stuff ready, or at least make sure it’s clean for him to get ready.  Gosh, if my boys don’t come home this weekend, that means no hubbie and no kids……..I don’t know how to do that. Ummm

 Tent revival this week-not happening for me Dismay– not this time. 

 Home church revival – hoping to make at least once. Prayer

Saturday night – go hold a candle.Candle 

 Sunday morning – worship and Sunday School. Place Of Worship

 Sunday night pack for trip.  Up early Monday morning, heading out to catch a plane and a week in Orlando, Pilotmeetings, seminars, catching up with business friends, hopefully some sun and fun, coming home Friday and starting all over again.

BTW – got a surprise to share when I get back!!! 

Tuesday morn

7 Oct

todays agenda: 

walked the trail this morning 

Mickey D’s for a breakfast burrito – my favorite breakfast 

home to iron hubbies clothes  

window guy coming to measure for replacement windows, which we badly need 

painter running late today – Praise God we are almost finished 

meeting later about women’s brunch 

found my planner (whew!  it has all my passwords in it) 

expecting to hear from #2 to compare notes on last nights Heroes episode (that show is starting to get a little too weird)

trip to grocery at some point 

just got a call from Kim, she held the phone so I could hear the ocean, aaahhh, wish I were there too 

 headed to the back porch – quiet time