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16 Jan

“My Friend’s Place” has been converted to “Yellow Butterflies”.  When I came across the quote I used in the heading, I was reminded that I have been experiencing at lot of change.  Why yellow butterflies?  Well….for one, we have them in abundance here in Kentucky.  Then secondly – these little creatures begin their life cycle as an ugly worm, then they make enclose themselves into a tomb where they remain for a season and at the end of that time, they emerge this free, floaty, beautiful creation.   How can that happen???  God’s hand at work!   So now, when I find myself feeling like the ugly worm, all I have to do is die to myself and let God bring out the beautiful creation.    





1 Jan

Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day – a good start for the new year after several days of cold and cloudy weather.  Hubbie and I had a quiet evening at home last night – not the usual New Year’s celebration, but restful.  I needed restful.  All during the day I felt the queasiness of an impending stomach bug.  We had a party invite that I would have loved to been at, but if one is going to be sick and nauseous, its best to do it in their own home.  That way, they don’t embarass themselves and mess up someone elses home.  I would have just DIED if that had happened in this particular home.

So, a light dinner, watched Mamma Mia, which I got for Christmas, then bed.  I think that was a wise choice since I am feeling much better this morning.

I am planning to take some time today for prayer and solitude, wanting to get a vision for the new year.  Also, I have to work for a little while today.

Well, that’s all for the moment – again, Happy New Year to those close and far, may God bless you abundantly in all ways this year.

Praise be to his Wonderful Name!

Doing it differently

19 Sep

Last night my youngest called from college and his voice was much lighter than it had been at other times this week.  He has been so anxious about this first year of college.  He told me over the weekend that maybe he wasn’t college material.  He said he didn’t think he could do it.  The classes were harder and the studying was harder than he thought it would be.  (Didn’t we all think that our first semester!)  I told him that he could do it, but he may have to do things differently than he had before. 

Well……last night he told me he made an A on his first psych test and he had made a 100 on his first Western Civ test!  I could hear it in his voice — he is getting it!  A new challenge was presented.  What he was used to doing wasn’t working – he was learning to do it differently. 

Now, that sounded like a lot of rambling, but here’s what spoke to me in all this (aside from relief that he was feeling better).    

As Christ followers, we are presented with life challenges almost daily.  We get frustrated and discouraged and begin to question whether or not we’ll make it.  We want to give up.  The way we have walked before just doesn’t seem to be working any more.  It’s too hard to keep up. 

But, God wants us to experience prosperity (success) in what we do.  I know that because, as a parent, I want that for my children too and God is the ultimate parent!He wants us to get those “100s” —in our households, in our professions and most especially in our Christ walk. 

BUT…..we often want to cling insistently to what is familar–to the what we are used to—to what has worked before!  It is hard to let go and embrace a way of doing things differently, whether it be due to fear of failure or just plain stubborness.  I think with Nick is was some of both.  I think with me its some of both! 

The progression from high school to college is a big step, but God has enabled him.  As we continue to walk with God in life, we will have to take some big steps, but God enables us.

Sometimes we just have to be willing to let go and do it differently!      

If you enjoy Christian fiction…….

18 Sep

check out this book by Wm. Paul Young.

Bear in mind that it IS fiction. Typically, I don’t care for most of what is marketed as Christian fiction (and this may not be your cup of tea).  However, I am enjoying this book. The symbolism is rich, showing us that the writer has been blessed with a vivid imagination.  Also, his style is so captivating, it is easy to forget the story itself is not real, even though it may be representative of some things we believe to be very real. 

Some things that have been meaningful for me so far:

1.  God is good!  events, circumstances, people, consequences, etc., are not always good, but God IS good – all the time!

2.  God is always present.  We may not sense His presence every moment of every day, but that does not mean that He is absent.  When we celebrate, He joins in the celebration, rejoicing and loving our enjoyment.

In our darkest, most dire moments, He is there, totally aware and He gives us the necessary grace to endure whatever we are required to face.  That includes those who must experience these moments indirectly.

3.  We must believe that God loves us so much that there was nothing of Himself he would not choose to sacrifice in order to save us from eternal judgement.  When we come to know this, we are able to experience trust.

4. Sadness, unhappiness, and fear are not caused from the presence of darkness in our lives, but from the absence of light.  Find and receive He who is the Light and the darkness is dispelled.

 Now….I’m not finished yet (its an easy read) and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who chooses to venture into the bookstore to take a peek. (I’ve really not given you any specifics, have I?) It seems to be very popular – on the New York Times best-seller list. I think that’s a wow for Christian fiction. The Christian bookstores seem to be selling out quickly.

So…..I am interested to hear what you think–good, bad, indifferent.

MOPS Morning….

3 Sep

Today was our first session of a new chapter of MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers).  We had about 16 in all with a few who had signed up not making it today.  What was really exciting to me was that a couple of the girls had learned about our meeting (and each other) via the web.  Neither are natives of our community and we were glad to be able to connect with them.

We had some fun moments with the icebreaker revealing some things we like AND dislike and the discussion questions brought about a lot of mom talk.  I have the honor of serving as the MOPS mentor (a spot reserved usually for an older mom and I was definitely older than these girlies).  Nevertheless, in joining in with their conversation, I felt I received as much, if not more, than I gave. 

I am so looking forward to seeing this minister and the girls heading it up grow and multiply.  I am believing God for this to be yet another way to reach out to our community and share His love!

Note:  I would have taken pictures, but didn’t want to freak those not accusomed to me flashing all the time.  However, Misty had hers and hopefully she will share some photos.

Winds of change.

25 Aug

If there is anything I can say for certain about this past year of my life, I can say I have experienced change.  (There must be some Greek word that means “The year of change”, but I don’t know what it is), anyway, I have “endured”: 

 hubbie’s possible illness (scarey time),

 older son graduating from high school,

 my struggle with depression (awful, would rather have my toenails pulled out),

 my struggle with THE change (ladies you know exactly  what I’m saying here),

 older son leaving for college,

 younger son graduating from high school,

 younger son leaving for college,

 and today,…. we joined a new group of people for the next leg of our Christian journey (aka our Sunday School Class).

Some of the changes have come about very quickly, (Feb 2, tornado, can we call that quick change?) …some have progressed much more slowly (in some cases – still going way too slowly – see “THE” change above). 

Some have had elements of pain and others have brought joy.  One thing I can say of each of these experiences is that I was not the same afterwards as I was before.  “Not the same”.   – let me soak in that for a moment.  


Okay, isn’t that what we want?  Don’t we want to be changed? Don’t we want to be transformed into His image?  Don’t we want to be refined, purified, molded and shaped? 

Sometimes the process is painful, other times, God gives us a shot of demerol before He goes to work on us and we only remember the joy that comes afterward.  

Sometimes change comes about as the result of much waiting, praying, hoping and remaining faithful. Sometimes, it’ just life!  Life changes can draw us closer, or push us away, depending on how we choose.  (I have to confess:  I’ve done it both ways!)

Then….one day, there will come a change that takes place in the “twinkling of an eye”.  What a day THAT will be!

So……why am I finding myself in a place of sadness with some of the changes I am experiencing.  I know God is guiding and directing.  I know (in the case of my guys) that God will protect and watch over (His eye is on my sparrows – okay Maggie, …eagles)

Still I have a sense of “leaving behind”, that I am finding sad – truthfully? bawling my eyes out -tonight.  I don’t have little boys, I have young men who are training to be leaders in our future.  I am moving (don’t like this word, but can’t come up with a better one) from friends of my heart, to open my heart to new friends. 

 I guess, when all is sifted out, I find myself facing fear – 1. being away from what I know to be reliable, comfortable – 2. having my dear ones away from my protection and guidance, and 3. fear that those I leave behind will soon forget.   

BUT…….God’s Word is that perfect love casts out fear -and that which we have entrusted to Him, He is able to keep.  I pray that I would come to that place of rest.  

Lord, I pray that my faith would find that resting place in these winds of change.  I look to you to be my strong tower, my refuge.  I trust you to be WHERE I cannot and to be WHAT I cannot. I pray that in opening my heart to those I will come to love in the future, I will not have to sacrifice those that I have come to love in the past.  I pray for your will and your direction in all, no matter what winds blow. Amen.      

Living Proof Live weekend…..friends, food, faith and fellowship

4 Aug

Louisville, KY – sell out audience for Beth Moore, as she shares the Word of God to those ready to hear!

We arrived in Louisville just in time for lunch.  Where else but the Cheesecake Factory. We saw another group of “siestas” there with My Journey.  We had wonderful food and then, of course, had to have cheesecake.  Mine was Dulce de Leche, Sing Me Home had something caramel macadamian nut – both were slap your leg delicious (sorry, didn’t last long enough to get much of a picture).

Next, you can’t go on a road trip without a little shopping, so we hit the mall.  This one had a Pottery Barn – oh how I love that store!  Off to the hotel, check in, change clothes (of course), snap a photo, and on to the church.  Worship was heavenly, Beth was inspiring and we all left with a little less makeup and the challenge to put down deep roots through study of God’s Word.  I don’t have my notes here with me, but I do want to share the 7 items she listed (later).  But, since it is a slow Monday afternoon, I wanted to go ahead and share the pictures.  Wish everyone could have been there.