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Theres no place like home for the holidays

26 Nov

The kids got home yesterday afternoon all safe and sound.  I have a confession to make: upon hearing of teenage automobile accidents several times in recent weeks, there was an element of fear that I was battleing and I was just really glad to see them make it home safely.  The enemy certainly knows the soft spots and likes to hit there whenever he can.

But, all is well and I had dinner cooking for them when they came in – chocolate cake made, per their request.  I actually tried a new mix this time.  It is made by Pillsbury, a reduced sugar mix – 50% less sugar!  It tasted really good!  Next time I would like to find a sugar-free or reduced sugar frosting.  I decided that this would not be our usual dinner in front of the tv kind of night.  So, I set the table and we actually ate dinner, at the table, with no tv – and talked. Family time.  Loved it.  

I could tell the kids were glad to be home.  After staying in a tiny room and sharing that tiny space with someone else, it is good to be in your own space.  Now, all their stuff is in MY space—–oh well…….

Later, all the guys, plus a buddy, gathered in the garage and pumped iron.  They love doing this and it is something I just don’t get.  But….if it makes them happy, then I’m happy. 

So, that is our kickoff to the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am so thankful for home, family and time together! 


My boys will be home soon.

25 Nov

I know, they were just here yesterday, but, I am still looking forward to them being home for the extra long holiday weekend.  In preparation, hubbie and I went to the store to buy all the seasonal goodies that are typical at our house. 

Their favorites include: 

Coca Cola in the little glass bottles. 

Sister Schubert yeast dinner rolls.

Potato chips with ranch dip. 

Honey wheat bagels. 


Moutain Dew and Doctor Pepper 

Chocolate cake (a special request) 

Brown rice (yes, they both love brown rice) 

Frozen pizza, so we can have a pizza and movie night while they’re here. (They prefer frozen over hubbie’s fabulous homemade – go figure) 

Thursday morning – 9am (my sister in law will be here sometime around 9:30!)  The event: our traditional Thanksgiving morning breakfast – location – our house! I don’t know how many years we have done this, but its become a custom and the kids squawk if we mention not doing it.  The menu will include: 

Breakfast casserole 

fried eggs (for those who don’t like the casserole)

Hashbrown casserole 

Bacon  Sausage Country Ham

Homemade biscuits

Redeye gravy 

Sausage milk gravy 

Various kinds of muffins  

A cherry breakfast turnover thingy my sister in law makes. 

Juice, coffee,  etc., etc.  (can’t you just see the cholesterol rising here)

DJ has prepared a slide show of pictures from previous family gatherings, including a trip to Auburn for the seasons kickoff game.  After we have finished this huge breakfast, we will kick back wherever we can find a place (there should be about 20-25 people here) and watch the presentation.  The guys may go out and shoot some basketball or throw the football – the ladies will do dishes (whats wrong with this picture?).  We’ll hang out until early afternoon (no lunch after all that food) then the crew will break up and go have Thanksgiving dinner with the other families.  For the fifth year, my father’s absence will be very much felt.  How has the time moved this quickly???  I think of other families who will have empty chairs this year.  The pain never goes away, but it does become bearable.  There are so many things I am thankful for and I know that God’s lovingkindness is with us.  

So…….tomorrow it will be time to start cooking… boys will be home soon.

Tuesday morn

7 Oct

todays agenda: 

walked the trail this morning 

Mickey D’s for a breakfast burrito – my favorite breakfast 

home to iron hubbies clothes  

window guy coming to measure for replacement windows, which we badly need 

painter running late today – Praise God we are almost finished 

meeting later about women’s brunch 

found my planner (whew!  it has all my passwords in it) 

expecting to hear from #2 to compare notes on last nights Heroes episode (that show is starting to get a little too weird)

trip to grocery at some point 

just got a call from Kim, she held the phone so I could hear the ocean, aaahhh, wish I were there too 

 headed to the back porch – quiet time

9 Aug

Today was like a kiss on the cheek from God.  Beautiful, gorgeous, refreshing, restful, peaceful and I could go on and on. The temperature is unusually mild for August and having a wonderful breeze made it even more, well, almost vacation like.  I got to rock on the back porch and do two days of my Patriarchs study.  I am so loving this study.  The first time I started it I didn’t finish and now we are only about 3 weeks away from the end and it has been sweet. 

After doing that and feeling so woke up and ready to go, I decided to clean off the back porch.  Some of the plants had turned over and there was potting soil scattered all over the place.  Also, the aroma of yesterday’s dog food wasn’t too condusive to great study, but God got me past that.  I trimmed watered, and did a little dead heading – I have some who (listen to that, you’d think I was talking about a person),I thought were dead but are resprouting.  Um, seems like there’s a message to that! 

 After that, I tackled the bathroom closet…..(insert scream here) I have needed to do this for a loonnngg time, but just hated the thought.  Now it is all neat and organized.  Of course neither hubby or the boys have opened it up yet.  Oh well, I can dream.  Hint:  If you are totally out of horizontal space, go vertical.  I had bought a thing that you hang on the back of a door with pockets to hold shoes.  It worked great for things I’m always digging around to find, like lotions, baby powder, static guard.  Also good for things you don’t use so often because they can go at the top and the bottom.  This dude had 46 pockets.  I cleared out some major shelf space.  Maybe now I can get my towels in there. Well,……… let me tell you! I was on such a roll after the closet, that I kept on and got all the cabinets cleaned out.  I had two bags of garbage when I was done.  I couldn’t believe how much out of date and gone yucky stuff I had. The bathroom doesn’t look any better.  There is still laundry piled up and towels on the floor to pick up, BUT, I know that behind those closed doors, things are good and laundry time will come—-like, NOW!

Mission organization……..of sorts

30 May


Like Wet Granola, I am in organization mode.  My College Boy is home with all the stuff that went there with him.  The Graduate, who has been ruling the roost since College Boy left, has made the living room his domain.  This means that I have guitar, drums, amps, clothes, a tv, duffle bag, laundry, bed linens, sports equipment (need I go on?) all in my living room. 

It’s time to make a change and since I am not scheduled for an episode of Mission Organization anytime soon, I’ll have to do it myself.  These adventures do tend to get worse before they get better, but I made considerable strides on Wednesday (at least until I killed my toe—-turning blacker each day, turning black up on my foot now, but that’s a whole other story). 

Anyway, any organization tips are appreciated and probably beneficial to others as well.  So ladies,  bring out your tried and true and give us the benefit of your experience.  Perhaps a book, a website, something your mother taught you….(Note:  the pictures above are NOT my closets—I just wish!)


24 Mar


I’ve been visiting the Pioneer woman again!!!  This is her lasagna and is it ever good!  This woman is the Martha Stewart of the prairie.  Saturday afternoon at work (kind of slow with Easter and all) I got to do some indepth research on her site and decided to give this a try.  It was easy, delicious and made a TON! (apparently her Marlboro Man must like it a lot)  We have enough for supper another night.  The HOT MAMA cheese bread was good too (Walmart-frozen section).  That was lil sis’s suggestion.  If you haven’t visited The Pioneer Woman, you really must–she has such a sense of humor (read Confessions of a Pioneer Woman).  But, I do have to say her pictures are better than mine, but that’s gonna have to wait until another Saturday afternoon.

Snowy morn

13 Feb

bushes-and-fence.jpgWell, we woke up to snowflakes falling.  Even though I am not a big fan of snow, I can’t help but admit it is so beautiful.  A blanket of purity covering all that is ugly.  Kind of fitting after the disaster of the previous week.  Just had to post a picture.

No snow day for us here at the office.  Very quiet this morning.  I am hoping for a catchup day.  🙂