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Yes, I’ve been messing around with it again.

6 Oct

Yes, I’ve been messing around with it again.  My blog is a neglected, but changing endeavor.  It’s like my trial and error forum.  Anyway, now I’m tired and going to bed.



16 Jan

“My Friend’s Place” has been converted to “Yellow Butterflies”.  When I came across the quote I used in the heading, I was reminded that I have been experiencing at lot of change.  Why yellow butterflies?  Well….for one, we have them in abundance here in Kentucky.  Then secondly – these little creatures begin their life cycle as an ugly worm, then they make enclose themselves into a tomb where they remain for a season and at the end of that time, they emerge this free, floaty, beautiful creation.   How can that happen???  God’s hand at work!   So now, when I find myself feeling like the ugly worm, all I have to do is die to myself and let God bring out the beautiful creation.    



home in the snow

15 Jan

I love the way the snow makes everything look so clean……at least for a while.

My Creative Space

12 Jan

This is my creative space.  It used to be the dining room, which we never ate in.  So, now is my space – off-limits to the guys, but they still tend to hang out and use the computer.  The table was made for me by a friend (for a fee, of course).  It was the best birthday gift the hubbie has ever given me!  I hope to be able to share some of the works of inspiration as I use this space. – So be watching and let me know if you like or don’t like.  Comments welcome.

I’m back!

11 Jan

It’s been forever and a gazillion days since I posted on this blog.  I guess I just needed a very long sabbatical.  But, I am feeling drawn to come back to the blogging world.  So…..hopefully will be connecting again.

My last Saturday in the office this year….

11 Apr

At last… final Saturday to have to be in the office this year.  I will be so glad to be back in the world again.  This year has been so mixed up, tossed upside down and out of whack, that I feel like I have been out of the country and am just now getting ready to come home.

I am looking forward to some significant time with my sweet girlfriends.  I have missed you all so much and am very thankful for each of you and you know who you are.

LOTS of stuff to do at home, both inside and out. 

Wanting to catch up on printing photos.  I can’t just keep buying more SD cards!

Lots and lots and lots to do.  Just 4 more days!!!!!


Deep down tired….

3 Apr

I am tired!

A deep-down tired that no amount of sleep seems to alleviate.

Tired of trouble

Tired of horrible things that should never happen

Tired of deception

Tired of people who hate

Tired of people who hurt other people

Tired of false promises that don’t have a snowballs chance of being kept

Tired of lies coming from smiling faces

Tired in my soul

Tired in my heart

Tired of watching and waiting – just ready.  Please come.