17 Oct

12:53 am and I have just come home from the office.

Send off for retreat tonight – I had to support my sweetie.

Back to computer work afterwards.  Snags here and there, but finally hit one I couldn’t fix.  I called support and those guys had gone home to bed.  If I’m up working late, why aren’t they???  I didn’t make the decision to move the deadline up two weeks at the last minute.  I’d be willing to bet that the company execs weren’t at the office at midnight tonight either! 

So, I go back tomorrow during “business” hours in order to talk to some techie nerd that can tell me what the dickens isn’t working right!!!!   

 On a happier note:  both my kids will be home this weekend – I have to think of something to make for dinner tomorrow that they will really like.  I miss them so much and will be so glad to see them.  Praise God they are in college, and thank God they still come home most weekends. 


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