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Does anyone out there have trouble sleeping when the moon is full?

15 Oct

I don’t know if it is all in my head or what, but I seem to have more trouble falling asleep when the moon is full.  Maybe that was just a superstitious thing planted in my mind by who knows what – nonetheless, I’m up again tonight. 

So many things rattling around in my brain.  All the details of setting up and configuring hardware for a new season – ugh, I still see the computer images when I close my eyes.  Today’s work was particularly frustrating because I had to “redo” several times. 

Feeling very heavy tonight – situations, circumstances, etc concerned about.  Really needing to know God’s voice – too much noise blaring making it difficult to hear that still, small voice.  Need to find a quiet place – like a chair on the beach, ocean sounds – about sundown.  Yeah, that would do it.  I AM headed for Orlando next week, but there won’t be any quiet beach scenes there.  Just more work, seminars on tax stuff (don’t you ALL wish you could go?), things like that.  There is one fun night in the plan – Sea World, just us and tables full of food.  We will have a limited number of attractions, but still it ought to be fun.  Wondering what the weather will be like.  One year, it was so cold I nearly froze my tail off and had to buy a coat while I was there.  The next time, it was nice and we wore short sleeves–guess I’ll try to plan for both. 

Wish I could think of more interesting stuff to say, just not up to it.  I think I’ll try to sleep again.


Once again, I’m still up!

30 Sep

It’s 1:35 am.  I’ve been to bed and now I’m up.  Just can’t seem to sleep – my mind has too much running around in it.  Today’s news is replaying itself in my mind.  News from friends in a difficult place running through my mind.  Thinking about my boys…….stuff, stuff, stuff! 

Today I had the opportunity to connect with some college friends that I hadn’t heard from in years – two living in Texas, one in Oklahoma, one in Ohio (also a Heroes fan), one in D.C.  It was such a joy, but hasn’t done much to help me settle into sleepy slumber.  Thinking and remembering so many good things – we were all in campus ministry together, gosh, has it really been 25 years since I’ve seen some of them?  Yep, it has.  There were even some photos of our days at dear old WKU.  You should have seen them – did we really look like that!  Yes, I’m believe we did (and we thought we looked GOOD!)  It was so funny, but it felt good. 

 Oh well, I think I’ll try a cup of chamomile and head back to the covers.  For all you in blissful slumber as I write this, hope you have happy zzzzs.

…..another sleepless night

15 Aug

Have you ever noticed there are a lot of songs about not sleeping.  It’s a universal problem. Well, here its 2:46 and I have not caught a single wink.  I even took meds tonight and here I am, blogging and playing zuma. I spent some time praying, but that just seemed to get me more awake.  I am tired.  I helped make over 1100 sausage balls this morning and then went to the office and then to prayer group and then home where hubby was watching the olympics – didn’t turn out the lights until about 12.  Now, I am still awake.  EVERYONE else is asleep – how dare they!  I think I may drink some camomile and try to quiet my brain and go to sleep for at least a few minutes.  Tomorrow – taking Nick to buy the rest of the stuff to take to school.  You guys think buying back to school for elementary is a bunch—just wait til they head off that first year at college.  You really do take everything but the kitchen sink.  Well, God bless all you out there peacefully dreaming as I type this.

8 Aug

Why am I up at 1:30 am????? 

  Counting sheep hasn’t helped.  All I’ve done is wrestle with the mattress and make my husband grumpy because I won’t be still.  So, I got up, had a yogurt and sat down at the computer.  I’m typing with one eye open because the other is so tired. But, let me go get in that bed and they both pop open!  Any recommendations out there???? Surely I am not the only one “Sleepless in Kentucky”   Please help, this is becoming a custom in my household! 

Well, here I go back to try again.  Who knows you may see me back again at 3:30……..