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Not your everyday situation!

13 Jan


January 5, Grandma and grandson check into the hospital and are allowed to share the same room (they don’t usually allow girls and guys in the same room, but hey, this doesn’t count!) – making it easier for me and hubbie.  Don’t you love the matching wardrobe! 

All went well with the surgeries and patients are home and doing fine.   Mom came home Sunday and has done remarkably well after her surgery (pathology was all negative).  Nick’s was outpatient and even though it is terrible to get your tonsils out at 18, he is on the downside of the journey.  I want to give praise God for their recovery and healing. 

PS:  Thanks go to Bro. Ray for the photo. Also many thanks to the church family who were there during the surgeries and after.  We love you all.


Awesome, amazing, almighty God!

15 Dec

Can anyone paint a picture like our God?  This is totally, off the charts, gorgeous.  Did any of you local fellows see this sunset last week?  I don’t remember which night it was, but it was BEAUTIFUL.  I stand in awe at what God can do!  Check out the next three photos.

Finally some answers are coming…

1 Oct

Today I had a doctor appointment with my doc in Eville.  After my appointment, reviewing lab tests, medications, etc., he arranged for a consult with an endocrinologist.  This doctor was a lady and when I sat down in her office I was aware that there was Christian music softly playing.  (I love this wellness center, there is a very Christian atmosphere). 

We talked, she asked questions, she listened while I explained the sequence of events that have transpired the last year and a half.  When I told her that I at one point I was just about at the jumping off a bridge point.  This is when she blew me away.  She said, “Well, did you think about God?”  Have you EVER had a doctor ask you something like that on the first visit.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  Well… about an ice-breaker of a question. 

My 10 minute consult turned into a time of fellowship, once the medical stuff was out of the way.  What was even more helpful was that she has had exactly the same mid-life experience that I have had.  (I had tears in my eyes – finally somebody “got” me)  She was telling me her story and it sounded like me talking.  I can’t tell you the word she used for me -adrenohyposomething-, but it amounts to adrenal exhaustion.  About 1 in 100 women experience this during menopause and it can be potentionally life threatening. 

Dr. Gabhart’s specialty is endocrinology, her subspecialty is neuro-endocrinology.  I have never had such a thorough explanation, accompanied by picture drawing, at any doctor visit. She also did it as a courtesy to Doc C, which means there was no fee!!!  Another thing I really liked is that her frontline of treatment is naturopathic. 

 From this point on, she will collaborate with Dr. C and I believe between the two of them I will finally get well!  Praise God!!!!

rebate update!!!

6 Mar

March 6—we have applied for $64,500 in rebates for seniors and disabled in our community.  That’s a huge praise!!!

Just feel like giving praise….

1 Mar

I praise God today for the sunshine!

I praise God today for mercies that are new every morning.

I praise God today for College Boy being home and being okay.  (note:  during the snow he fell down 7 stairs walking between classes—mom wasn’t there  )

I praise God today for my precious sisters in Christ!

I praise God today for my dear hubbie and going on 30 years of walking together!

I praise God today for supplying all my needs according to his riches in glory.

I praise God that He is an ever present help in times of trouble.

I praise God for His goodness.

I praise for his sacrifice and for providing a way for us to join Him in eternity.

I praise him for ……… for many things, too numerous to mention.

Indeed, God IS good ALL the time!!!!


18 Dec

My college boy just went online to view his grades and he made a B in every subject which means a 3.0.  This is a cause for celebration.  I was so unsure of how he would weather the first semester.  (I KNOW how I weathered it and it hasn’t been great)  It is such a big jump from small town high school to university.  I just didn’t know if he would make it.  Guess I underestimated.  (Let breath out really slow)  Thank you Lord for who you are—–even when I forget just exactly WHO you are!!!!!!  Thank you that you see the things that I don’t.  Thank you that YOU know the plans you have for my children—-to give them hope and a future!!!!!  Thank you that even though I am so small you are SO BIG.  Thank you.


PS:  I am just so beside myself.  I have done the happy dance all around the living room—-went to get pork chops for supper and sang “Trading My Sorrows”  the whole way.  (because that’s what came out of my mouth).  Thank you God!!!! 

29 years and counting…….

16 Dec


Today we celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary (the actual date is the 16th, but we celebrated it today).  Hubbie dear took us to Patti’s for dinner and to enjoy the Christmas lights.  I am so thankful to have such a dear, wonderful, sweet, thoughtful, (need I go on?) oh yea, sexy—–gotta have sexy—spouse.  He is the love of my life! 

We had a wonderful dinner, Don’s chicken for me, filet for him.  The boys and my mom went along too.  (this was obviously not meant to be a romantic tryst) 

So, here’s to 29th years, with another 29 yet to come.

Thank you for MY superman!