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11 Dec

Praying for Kid #2 and his Western Civ final today.


We’ve made it to finals week.

8 Dec

Having two in college this year means I have double the number of final exams to be concerned about.  I have been praying for my guys this morning because I know they both have tests today.  They are planning to come home tonight because they say they can study better at home than in the dorm (I don’t know about that).  At any rate, this is when I begin to get antsy about their grades.  The youngest will only have to take 3 finals because his grade was high enough not to have to take the other (okay, so we know he has as least one A).

The oldest – who knows – he’s not stressed over it like #2 is, and we get no information there.

I can remember finals week in college.  No sleep – usually no makeup, hair not fixes – did well to eat and shower.  At one final exam (biology) I showed up with no makeup, wearing my glasses and my hair pulled back and the professor called my name and after he looked up he marked me absent.  😦  Guess I REALLY looked rough that morning.  He did have sort of a surprised looked when I called out here. (BTW, my brother was also taking this class with me and he rolled in the floor laughing!)

I just looked at the clock on my computer and they are both in tests and I have butterflies in my stomach – I don’t think I was this nervous when I was taking them myself!!!

Beth Moore says we can pray and ask God to make us smarter than we are………………………….wonder if that applies to college finals ?

What’s next?

30 Oct

I am cold this morning! 

After church last night, we came home and there was a great big power cable across the road – next we noticed that there were NO lights anywhere in our neighborhood.  I guess this power line decided he didn’t want to be hanging there any more.  That’s the only explanation anyone could come up with.  There weren’t any high winds yesterday and no obvious reason for it to be down.  But,  there we were!  We lit a few candles, packed up some stuff and headed for Mom’s.  Thank God for Mom!  Today, we have power, but a very cold house.  I am not getting out of MY clothes yet to get in that shower, so I’m blogging.

Next to report:  My son #2 called yesterday and I could hear the bubble in his voice (a huge difference from Sunday).  He had taken his Western Civ test! The professor had made a review session available for them and he decided to go (I was so proud he made that decision).  He said almost everything they reviewed was on the test!  Good move Nick!  He said he felt really good about it and I felt really good hearing the joy return to his voice.  Whew!  Life was a lot easier when all I had to do was kiss a boo boo, or find a hot wheels car – get a bottle – rock to sleep – …………. oh me I’m gonna start getting sappy here if I don’t quit.

On a different note, it’s almost time for An Autumn Gathering – our ladies brunch – on Saturday.  The guest speaker is such an amazing and powerful woman of God and I am looking forward to hearing her.  Anyone who doesn’t get to come, is really missing a treat! 

Next week is going to be another killer week.  Sunday, hubbie is leading worship.  Kids wills be home through Tuesday this week.  It will be their first time to vote and they can since they are both old enough now.  Then Wednesday, we take off on another trip – hopefully the last for this year.  We are going to Salt Lake City for yet another convention.  We are flying out a day early and hopefully will get to visit one of the ski resorts nearby – not that I am planning on sliding down the moutain, but I would love to see it. 

Well, the house is beginning to feel warm enough for me to attempt the shower – gotta get to work.


Sunday night drama

27 Oct

I have not made it to church on a Sunday night in weeks – yes, well it seems like its been weeks.  Sunday afternoons with both boys in college is getting to be a bit more than I can handle.  I’ve kinda gotten past the “emotional mama” part of it and are ready for them to get out the door for crying out loud!  This weekend we made a new policy.  They have to leave to go back by 4:00 pm.  I don’t want them driving curvy little country roads after dark.  I want them to get settled in and mentally prepared for the next day.

I want to get mentally prepared for the next day. 

Also, it makes me feel too sad when they wait until dark to leave. (go ahead and tell me it sounds silly, but it really does make me feel sad). 

This Sunday evening was particularly difficult.  Nicko had been stressing ALL weekend over a Western Civ test coming on Wednesday.  He had made a 55 (not good news) on the last test which was essay and character evaluations.  I read it and it all sounded good to me, but the professor wrote that he had not answered the question – of course, I didn’t have the questions there, so I didn’t have a clue what they were – but the answers sounded good! 

Now, this kid is not used to making bad grades and he was biting fingernails, toenails, chewing on the chair, just about anything.  I have NEVER seen him this stressed over anything.  The professor had made a note for Nick to come by and see him to get back on track.  Here’s the problem:  this professor has made it plainly known that he is an atheist and I kinda think Nick is a little (um actually a lot) intimidate by him.  He’s almost taking it personally.  (I know now that my kids have been more sheltered than I had thought)

So……we already have this drama going on and Nick discovers that his cell phone is missing (he may as well have had his arm missing).  Now the REAL drama begins.  Life CANNOT go on without his cell phone.  Hubbie gets in the car and they go on safari to find this phone.  I thought they were going to search every hut in the village.  But, still they came up empty.  In order to avoid a national alert, I let him take mine.  They finally got it all pulled together, went out the door, drove down the road and LEFT!!!!  (I swear I thought I was going to turn the key in the ignition for them – go, kids, go)  By this time, it was almost 7, I was in a puddle because I was SO frustrated and well, it just wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Today, Nick has Western Civ. 

I told him to ASK THE PROFESSOR for a study guide or just go talk to him (he is NOT – at least as far as I know – the beast from Revelation).  Later, he’ll call and tell me what happened (if anything).  I am so thankful all of his classes are not like this – I just don’t believe we would make it this semester!  Can’t wait for Christmas break. I think we’re going to have to have family therapy Duh   

Once again, I’m still up!

30 Sep

It’s 1:35 am.  I’ve been to bed and now I’m up.  Just can’t seem to sleep – my mind has too much running around in it.  Today’s news is replaying itself in my mind.  News from friends in a difficult place running through my mind.  Thinking about my boys…….stuff, stuff, stuff! 

Today I had the opportunity to connect with some college friends that I hadn’t heard from in years – two living in Texas, one in Oklahoma, one in Ohio (also a Heroes fan), one in D.C.  It was such a joy, but hasn’t done much to help me settle into sleepy slumber.  Thinking and remembering so many good things – we were all in campus ministry together, gosh, has it really been 25 years since I’ve seen some of them?  Yep, it has.  There were even some photos of our days at dear old WKU.  You should have seen them – did we really look like that!  Yes, I’m believe we did (and we thought we looked GOOD!)  It was so funny, but it felt good. 

 Oh well, I think I’ll try a cup of chamomile and head back to the covers.  For all you in blissful slumber as I write this, hope you have happy zzzzs.

Sunday night blues…..

22 Sep

We’ve had an odd weekend.  Friday night, dinner with bil and sil and family.  College boy 2 came home, but 1 didn’t.  Saturday was Parents’ Day at WKU.  Original plan:  leave about 10:30ish, be there by noon.  Do some shopping, walk on campus, parents dinner on campus, then…..for joy, the FOOTBALL game.  After multiple delays, we got out of town around 1:45.  (This ticked me off because I had could have attended a lady’s day at one of the local churches – wonderful speaker coming) 

Okay, so I got over that, got my joy back and off we went.  In the car, on the way, I made the comment that I had my book for the football game.  Hubbie and Kid2 go WHAT!!!???  You AREN”T going to read a book again during the football game (I did this when we went to see Auburn). — Open yet another can of worms.– Sigh!  I caved and agreed not to pull out the book. 

It was fun to be back at my alma mater. I never would have thought I would be there with my children as students.  another sigh!   The game was so-so. WKU won by a big margin.  I’m happy for them.  We left in the third quarter to beat the traffic and to get home before it was too late.  Said goodbye to #1, #2 came with us. 

Sunday morning – church -so good to enjoy praise and worship, especially since I was in bed with a heat pad last Sunday.  Fun time during Sunday School, lots of laughs as we are coming to know the people in this class.

We asked for the members to share something interesting that other people might not know.  The best one was when one member shared that he could go for a week with no bath/shower, no deordorant and no stinky!  Well, that’s certainly…, interesting! 

The rest of the day was typical Sunday afternoon stuff, until time for my boy to head back to campus.  He hemmed and hawed and piddled around for an around.  Finally, we told him we wanted him to get back before it got dark.  He hugged me, hugged his dad, hugged me again and moved toward the car.  I walked over to say by.  He gave one more hug and got in the car.  

That’s when I saw it.  I still recognize the slight tremor of the bottom lip that means the tears are coming.  He turned his head–pulled out of the driveway and drove down the road.  I was the one left standing and crying. (note:  I am so thankful not to have a third kid to go through this with.) I hate Sunday nights right now. 

Doing it differently

19 Sep

Last night my youngest called from college and his voice was much lighter than it had been at other times this week.  He has been so anxious about this first year of college.  He told me over the weekend that maybe he wasn’t college material.  He said he didn’t think he could do it.  The classes were harder and the studying was harder than he thought it would be.  (Didn’t we all think that our first semester!)  I told him that he could do it, but he may have to do things differently than he had before. 

Well……last night he told me he made an A on his first psych test and he had made a 100 on his first Western Civ test!  I could hear it in his voice — he is getting it!  A new challenge was presented.  What he was used to doing wasn’t working – he was learning to do it differently. 

Now, that sounded like a lot of rambling, but here’s what spoke to me in all this (aside from relief that he was feeling better).    

As Christ followers, we are presented with life challenges almost daily.  We get frustrated and discouraged and begin to question whether or not we’ll make it.  We want to give up.  The way we have walked before just doesn’t seem to be working any more.  It’s too hard to keep up. 

But, God wants us to experience prosperity (success) in what we do.  I know that because, as a parent, I want that for my children too and God is the ultimate parent!He wants us to get those “100s” —in our households, in our professions and most especially in our Christ walk. 

BUT…..we often want to cling insistently to what is familar–to the what we are used to—to what has worked before!  It is hard to let go and embrace a way of doing things differently, whether it be due to fear of failure or just plain stubborness.  I think with Nick is was some of both.  I think with me its some of both! 

The progression from high school to college is a big step, but God has enabled him.  As we continue to walk with God in life, we will have to take some big steps, but God enables us.

Sometimes we just have to be willing to let go and do it differently!