Valentine Banquet….(highschool memories)

24 Feb

Last night was our church’s Valentine banquet.  It’s really not much about Valentines day, especially is it was almost 2 weeks after Valentines Day.  The purpose of the banquet is really to raise funds for the youth for summer camp.  This year the theme was School Spirit.  They went all out with a school bus, Principal Chad, pep band, copies of yearbook pages for place mats and even (yuck) a bonafide high school lunch menu consisting of square pizza, canned corn, lunchroom ice cream, an apple and a salad.  Oh well, it wasn’t about the food anyway.  Various Sunday school groups provided entertainment.  The finale was a repro of Spartan Cheerleaders from Saturday night live.  I think those two did an outstanding job. 

Well, Sunday is here and we all have to going back to being responsible grownups.  But it was fun to relive the past for a few hours.  The format here may not be very professional, but I hope you enjoy the photos.


One Response to “Valentine Banquet….(highschool memories)”

  1. koinoniaconnection February 26, 2008 at 12:38 am #

    ok…check me out now…i’m trying it out…

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