1 Jan

Today is a beautiful, sunshiny day – a good start for the new year after several days of cold and cloudy weather.  Hubbie and I had a quiet evening at home last night – not the usual New Year’s celebration, but restful.  I needed restful.  All during the day I felt the queasiness of an impending stomach bug.  We had a party invite that I would have loved to been at, but if one is going to be sick and nauseous, its best to do it in their own home.  That way, they don’t embarass themselves and mess up someone elses home.  I would have just DIED if that had happened in this particular home.

So, a light dinner, watched Mamma Mia, which I got for Christmas, then bed.  I think that was a wise choice since I am feeling much better this morning.

I am planning to take some time today for prayer and solitude, wanting to get a vision for the new year.  Also, I have to work for a little while today.

Well, that’s all for the moment – again, Happy New Year to those close and far, may God bless you abundantly in all ways this year.

Praise be to his Wonderful Name!


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