Can you see a future (way into the future) daddy here?

15 Dec

 Can you just see this kid MANY years down the road? 

 We babysat again this weekend and my #2 kid is just intrigued with this little baby.  I can’t believe he actually held him and fed him.  He laid on the floor and talked to him forever – about football!  He played with his bear.  Even the oldest, who, up to now hasn’t even acknowledged this baby, took the baby and held him while I made a bottle.   The reason for all this holding?  This little dude can throw a FIT!!!!  He does NOT like to be put down.  I think his mom and dad hold him and look at him all the time!  Funny—- new parents.   🙂

It really didn’t matter though, because he didn’t go very long without somebody rocking, holding or feeding him.  I believe I could just squeeze him to pieces.  It has been so long since I had a boy this little in my house.  It’s hard to believe that in a short time he will be grown up gone away to school like mine – sigh!



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