We’ve made it to finals week.

8 Dec

Having two in college this year means I have double the number of final exams to be concerned about.  I have been praying for my guys this morning because I know they both have tests today.  They are planning to come home tonight because they say they can study better at home than in the dorm (I don’t know about that).  At any rate, this is when I begin to get antsy about their grades.  The youngest will only have to take 3 finals because his grade was high enough not to have to take the other (okay, so we know he has as least one A).

The oldest – who knows – he’s not stressed over it like #2 is, and we get no information there.

I can remember finals week in college.  No sleep – usually no makeup, hair not fixes – did well to eat and shower.  At one final exam (biology) I showed up with no makeup, wearing my glasses and my hair pulled back and the professor called my name and after he looked up he marked me absent.  😦  Guess I REALLY looked rough that morning.  He did have sort of a surprised looked when I called out here. (BTW, my brother was also taking this class with me and he rolled in the floor laughing!)

I just looked at the clock on my computer and they are both in tests and I have butterflies in my stomach – I don’t think I was this nervous when I was taking them myself!!!

Beth Moore says we can pray and ask God to make us smarter than we are………………………….wonder if that applies to college finals ?


One Response to “We’ve made it to finals week.”

  1. Susan December 10, 2008 at 3:23 am #

    Can you believe this semester is almost over!?!?! Blows my mind!

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