Theres no place like home for the holidays

26 Nov

The kids got home yesterday afternoon all safe and sound.  I have a confession to make: upon hearing of teenage automobile accidents several times in recent weeks, there was an element of fear that I was battleing and I was just really glad to see them make it home safely.  The enemy certainly knows the soft spots and likes to hit there whenever he can.

But, all is well and I had dinner cooking for them when they came in – chocolate cake made, per their request.  I actually tried a new mix this time.  It is made by Pillsbury, a reduced sugar mix – 50% less sugar!  It tasted really good!  Next time I would like to find a sugar-free or reduced sugar frosting.  I decided that this would not be our usual dinner in front of the tv kind of night.  So, I set the table and we actually ate dinner, at the table, with no tv – and talked. Family time.  Loved it.  

I could tell the kids were glad to be home.  After staying in a tiny room and sharing that tiny space with someone else, it is good to be in your own space.  Now, all their stuff is in MY space—–oh well…….

Later, all the guys, plus a buddy, gathered in the garage and pumped iron.  They love doing this and it is something I just don’t get.  But….if it makes them happy, then I’m happy. 

So, that is our kickoff to the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am so thankful for home, family and time together! 


One Response to “Theres no place like home for the holidays”

  1. mamarosi November 28, 2008 at 7:46 pm #

    That sounds like you all had such a nice time. I’m glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was very good too, one of the best one’s yet I have to say! God is so good!

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