24 Nov


After all the frustration of last week’s technical difficulties, I was anticipating a relatively smooth couple of days before I break for the holiday——–NOT!

All is working properly here in my domain, but around 11am, when the west coast came online, everything went to *&## in a handbag!  We have been like hamsters running on the wheel since then – repeating the same procedure over and over and getting the same results over and over.  ENOUGH!!!! 

I do not enjoy paying wages for 3 offices and having everything stalled because somebody (at WHQ) didn’t prepare properly for the amount of volume we have been having.  It makes me really angry to not be able to give reliable service to our clients.  I hate telling them something and then calling back and telling something else—-it make us appear incompetent and I hate that!!!!!!!!!!! 

If it would do any good, I would go out into the street and SCREAM!



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