Salt Lake City

17 Nov

This past week has been a hectic one and this week looks about the same and then Thanksgiving and then……

I think you get the picture.  Time is moving on pretty fast.  We have been back for a week and I am just now getting to look at the photos.  The above is just a sampling of the pictures from our trip to the Xango convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The day (night) we arrived, there was 6 inches of new snow and the taxi driver was playing Christmas music.  It felt like we stepped into a storybook. 

The next day we did the corporate tour thing and I got some really gorgeous pictures of the mountains surrounding SLC.  These are just a few of the ones I took.  It warmed up pretty quickly and all the snow disappeared and the storybook setting was gone.  Oh well…….

Xango is an international company and there were people from all over the world.  We sat behind the section for the Norwegians (hence the flags).  We have had the chance to meet and make some super friends through this business.  We were able to meet up with another couple out there from Mass. and had a nice dinner with them.  We also met a very nice couple from British Columbia – its so cool to talk to people from different places.

One of the things we enjoyed was watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse  (open to the public) on Thursday evening.  They were AWESOME.

Finally, the week was over and we were on the plane headed back home.  I managed to get a picture from the air of the Great Salt Lake.  (I think it looks kinda yucky-not the kind of lake I’m used to seeing)

We arrived home about 12:30 am on Monday morning.  It’s now Sunday night.  Kids have come home and gone back to school.  Church service tonight – special time -prayed for shoebox gifts that will go only God knows where.  Finally taking a moment to catch up on blog reading.  Now, getting ready to start another week!


One Response to “Salt Lake City”

  1. mormonsoprano November 17, 2008 at 8:39 am #

    Hi Cindy – I’m glad you had a wonderful time visiting my city, and particularly enjoyed the choir rehearsal. Next time you are in town, you need to come to a performance. 🙂

    You got some lovely photos. It is true, Christmas comes early here. Most of our radio stations start blasting holiday tunes the day after Halloween. At least the snow helps create the right mood.

    BTW – you are correct. The Great Salt Lake is pretty icky. It is full of brine shrimp, and otherwise is basically a ‘dead sea’. Locals don’t go out there much

    Take care and I hope you come back soon! – MoSop

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