Sunday night drama

27 Oct

I have not made it to church on a Sunday night in weeks – yes, well it seems like its been weeks.  Sunday afternoons with both boys in college is getting to be a bit more than I can handle.  I’ve kinda gotten past the “emotional mama” part of it and are ready for them to get out the door for crying out loud!  This weekend we made a new policy.  They have to leave to go back by 4:00 pm.  I don’t want them driving curvy little country roads after dark.  I want them to get settled in and mentally prepared for the next day.

I want to get mentally prepared for the next day. 

Also, it makes me feel too sad when they wait until dark to leave. (go ahead and tell me it sounds silly, but it really does make me feel sad). 

This Sunday evening was particularly difficult.  Nicko had been stressing ALL weekend over a Western Civ test coming on Wednesday.  He had made a 55 (not good news) on the last test which was essay and character evaluations.  I read it and it all sounded good to me, but the professor wrote that he had not answered the question – of course, I didn’t have the questions there, so I didn’t have a clue what they were – but the answers sounded good! 

Now, this kid is not used to making bad grades and he was biting fingernails, toenails, chewing on the chair, just about anything.  I have NEVER seen him this stressed over anything.  The professor had made a note for Nick to come by and see him to get back on track.  Here’s the problem:  this professor has made it plainly known that he is an atheist and I kinda think Nick is a little (um actually a lot) intimidate by him.  He’s almost taking it personally.  (I know now that my kids have been more sheltered than I had thought)

So……we already have this drama going on and Nick discovers that his cell phone is missing (he may as well have had his arm missing).  Now the REAL drama begins.  Life CANNOT go on without his cell phone.  Hubbie gets in the car and they go on safari to find this phone.  I thought they were going to search every hut in the village.  But, still they came up empty.  In order to avoid a national alert, I let him take mine.  They finally got it all pulled together, went out the door, drove down the road and LEFT!!!!  (I swear I thought I was going to turn the key in the ignition for them – go, kids, go)  By this time, it was almost 7, I was in a puddle because I was SO frustrated and well, it just wasn’t a pretty sight. 

Today, Nick has Western Civ. 

I told him to ASK THE PROFESSOR for a study guide or just go talk to him (he is NOT – at least as far as I know – the beast from Revelation).  Later, he’ll call and tell me what happened (if anything).  I am so thankful all of his classes are not like this – I just don’t believe we would make it this semester!  Can’t wait for Christmas break. I think we’re going to have to have family therapy Duh   


One Response to “Sunday night drama”

  1. Maggie October 28, 2008 at 12:00 am #

    Mercy. I thought it was bad when mine who missed class on Friday showed up and they wouldn’t give him his work because another STUDENT responsible for carrying his little paper from class to class LOST IT. What?

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