Does anyone out there have trouble sleeping when the moon is full?

15 Oct

I don’t know if it is all in my head or what, but I seem to have more trouble falling asleep when the moon is full.  Maybe that was just a superstitious thing planted in my mind by who knows what – nonetheless, I’m up again tonight. 

So many things rattling around in my brain.  All the details of setting up and configuring hardware for a new season – ugh, I still see the computer images when I close my eyes.  Today’s work was particularly frustrating because I had to “redo” several times. 

Feeling very heavy tonight – situations, circumstances, etc concerned about.  Really needing to know God’s voice – too much noise blaring making it difficult to hear that still, small voice.  Need to find a quiet place – like a chair on the beach, ocean sounds – about sundown.  Yeah, that would do it.  I AM headed for Orlando next week, but there won’t be any quiet beach scenes there.  Just more work, seminars on tax stuff (don’t you ALL wish you could go?), things like that.  There is one fun night in the plan – Sea World, just us and tables full of food.  We will have a limited number of attractions, but still it ought to be fun.  Wondering what the weather will be like.  One year, it was so cold I nearly froze my tail off and had to buy a coat while I was there.  The next time, it was nice and we wore short sleeves–guess I’ll try to plan for both. 

Wish I could think of more interesting stuff to say, just not up to it.  I think I’ll try to sleep again.


One Response to “Does anyone out there have trouble sleeping when the moon is full?”

  1. mamarosi October 24, 2008 at 5:00 am #

    I just wanted to tell you that my kids were WILD the night of the full moon. It was chaos and I also didn’t sleep well. It’s really weird how things seem to go wacko when there is a full moon. If it affects the tides, then I feel sure that it has an impact on us in some way…after all we are at least 80% water!

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