Finally some answers are coming…

1 Oct

Today I had a doctor appointment with my doc in Eville.  After my appointment, reviewing lab tests, medications, etc., he arranged for a consult with an endocrinologist.  This doctor was a lady and when I sat down in her office I was aware that there was Christian music softly playing.  (I love this wellness center, there is a very Christian atmosphere). 

We talked, she asked questions, she listened while I explained the sequence of events that have transpired the last year and a half.  When I told her that I at one point I was just about at the jumping off a bridge point.  This is when she blew me away.  She said, “Well, did you think about God?”  Have you EVER had a doctor ask you something like that on the first visit.  She didn’t know me, I didn’t know her.  Well… about an ice-breaker of a question. 

My 10 minute consult turned into a time of fellowship, once the medical stuff was out of the way.  What was even more helpful was that she has had exactly the same mid-life experience that I have had.  (I had tears in my eyes – finally somebody “got” me)  She was telling me her story and it sounded like me talking.  I can’t tell you the word she used for me -adrenohyposomething-, but it amounts to adrenal exhaustion.  About 1 in 100 women experience this during menopause and it can be potentionally life threatening. 

Dr. Gabhart’s specialty is endocrinology, her subspecialty is neuro-endocrinology.  I have never had such a thorough explanation, accompanied by picture drawing, at any doctor visit. She also did it as a courtesy to Doc C, which means there was no fee!!!  Another thing I really liked is that her frontline of treatment is naturopathic. 

 From this point on, she will collaborate with Dr. C and I believe between the two of them I will finally get well!  Praise God!!!!


2 Responses to “Finally some answers are coming…”

  1. Susan October 1, 2008 at 6:56 pm #

    Glad to hear you had some encouraging news!

  2. Maggie October 2, 2008 at 3:13 pm #

    Yay! Sorry you had a bad day following, but hopefully you got some energy for all that painting! Could you come finish mine when you get caught up? 😀 It’s a mess!

    I totally forgot MOPS trying to get our place in order for my big boy’s birthday bash this weekend. I hope things went well!

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