Once again, I’m still up!

30 Sep

It’s 1:35 am.  I’ve been to bed and now I’m up.  Just can’t seem to sleep – my mind has too much running around in it.  Today’s news is replaying itself in my mind.  News from friends in a difficult place running through my mind.  Thinking about my boys…….stuff, stuff, stuff! 

Today I had the opportunity to connect with some college friends that I hadn’t heard from in years – two living in Texas, one in Oklahoma, one in Ohio (also a Heroes fan), one in D.C.  It was such a joy, but hasn’t done much to help me settle into sleepy slumber.  Thinking and remembering so many good things – we were all in campus ministry together, gosh, has it really been 25 years since I’ve seen some of them?  Yep, it has.  There were even some photos of our days at dear old WKU.  You should have seen them – did we really look like that!  Yes, I’m believe we did (and we thought we looked GOOD!)  It was so funny, but it felt good. 

 Oh well, I think I’ll try a cup of chamomile and head back to the covers.  For all you in blissful slumber as I write this, hope you have happy zzzzs.


2 Responses to “Once again, I’m still up!”

  1. Yuri September 30, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    I`m from Russia, and have get appeared here just random.
    Sorry my bad English, I`m just trying to learn it =) If somebody read this message of course (I`m is in great uncertainty in that).

    Why I`m here, and what i want to say to you? Nothing, just to talk with you in English and try to understand what America is.

    I hope, you understand what I`m typing =)

    P.S. Sorry for replay this message.

  2. Yuri September 30, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    I see that I passing moderating.
    I`ve to ask people on this blog – what is main problems of American as Country you see?
    Or, may be, not American, but just your personal social problems?
    Or other information about living in US? Your fears or something =)

    I feeling that I can say what I really mean, I hope all above is understandable =)

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