23 Sep


Season premier of Heroes:  The Villians 

How many of you are Heroes fans?  What did you think about the 3 hour premier (couldn’t go that long – skipped most of the first interview part)?  The first episode was entitled “The Second Coming”.  It’s interesting, but seemed to be a little “more of the same” to me.  Some interesting new characters – more mean.  Guess that’s why this season is called villians. 

Do you have any favorites?  Nick once asked me who my fav was.  I told him Mohinder.  He said figures.  If you don’t know, Mohinder is a very nice looking Indian man with a gorgeous  voice.  He often does the narration for the episode.  So, it wasn’t his the way he looked that I really liked, but the way he sounded (besides, up until this season he has been one of the good guys). 

 But…ya know what?  In the pre-premier interviews, he sounded just like any other American, so that means the accent is just an act.  What a disappointment!  

 Now, I am not just a huge fan of most network television, (Heroes and House are about it) but, this show has caught my attention.  It has kinda turned to be “our show” for Nick and I.  So, I thought it would be fun to hear what you thought.  Come on now, who’s your fav.  


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  1. bellissimanh September 23, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    Honest to goodness… I have never ever seen an episode. Sorry! LOL… glad you’re enjoying it though. I know what you mean about a voice creating huge attraction factor. I melt for a man who can sing, too!


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