Doing it differently

19 Sep

Last night my youngest called from college and his voice was much lighter than it had been at other times this week.  He has been so anxious about this first year of college.  He told me over the weekend that maybe he wasn’t college material.  He said he didn’t think he could do it.  The classes were harder and the studying was harder than he thought it would be.  (Didn’t we all think that our first semester!)  I told him that he could do it, but he may have to do things differently than he had before. 

Well……last night he told me he made an A on his first psych test and he had made a 100 on his first Western Civ test!  I could hear it in his voice — he is getting it!  A new challenge was presented.  What he was used to doing wasn’t working – he was learning to do it differently. 

Now, that sounded like a lot of rambling, but here’s what spoke to me in all this (aside from relief that he was feeling better).    

As Christ followers, we are presented with life challenges almost daily.  We get frustrated and discouraged and begin to question whether or not we’ll make it.  We want to give up.  The way we have walked before just doesn’t seem to be working any more.  It’s too hard to keep up. 

But, God wants us to experience prosperity (success) in what we do.  I know that because, as a parent, I want that for my children too and God is the ultimate parent!He wants us to get those “100s” —in our households, in our professions and most especially in our Christ walk. 

BUT…..we often want to cling insistently to what is familar–to the what we are used to—to what has worked before!  It is hard to let go and embrace a way of doing things differently, whether it be due to fear of failure or just plain stubborness.  I think with Nick is was some of both.  I think with me its some of both! 

The progression from high school to college is a big step, but God has enabled him.  As we continue to walk with God in life, we will have to take some big steps, but God enables us.

Sometimes we just have to be willing to let go and do it differently!      


One Response to “Doing it differently”

  1. Misty September 19, 2008 at 4:58 pm #

    That first semester was such a shock to me. High school had been a breeze. I was really challenged in college, but I learned, like your son, to do it differently. And I learn that practically every day now as a mom. Each kid is different. What worked for one doesn’t for the other.

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