There’s got to be a (Monday) morning after…….

15 Sep

this weekend!

Oh does my body ever ache today.  It all began on Friday…….

watching the progression of Ike.  Seeing Texas getting pummelled and being so sorry for the ones who refused to evacuate. The crawler on the television said, “at risk of death”, or something like that.  Yet, they stayed. 

Then, happiness, my guys came home this weekend.  In my attempt to make coming home on the weekend special, I had roast beef, carrots and potatoes and a chocolate cake made for them. (I am not at all above a culinary bribe) 

They went with dad, uncle and cousin to football game. When they got back Nick and I watched our fav – “House”. 

Saturday morning, chair set up at the church. 

 Saturday afternoon – colleges boy’s laundry.  (the older one did his before he came home )

Saturday evening, dinner to celebrate in-law’s 61st wedding anniversary. After that, everyone at my house to watch football.  (I really don’t like football)

 My newest little nephew was there, so he and I went to the bedroom away from the noise and played. 

Sunday morning—-ouch, back hurts, can’t hardly sit up.  Spent the morning laying on heat pad until the wind started.  And DID the wind start…….I looked outside and things were blowing EVERYWHERE.  The lid to my hot tub was bouncing up and down, chairs were blown over and sliding all over, chairs were blown off the porch, plants turned over, the cat ran across the yard, scared to bits and Nick got him and brought him in.  It sounded and felt like the windows were going to blow in.  I thought, oh no, not another tornado! 

This went on until about 1:00 or so then, boom—–no power!  Still, no power.  Don’t know when we’re going to have power. 

We sure don’t realize how dependent we are on electricity until we don’t have it. When I go home from work today, I will have to empty the fridge and very possibly the freezer (yuck) – I ate a little lukewarm yogurt for breakfast this morning (yuck,yuck).  No power means, no tv, no computer, no light (once it got dark, couldn’t even read), This morning, no iron, no hair dryer, no closet light, etc., etc., etc.   OH NO, I just heard that they may have to shut down the county water for a while…………….what’s next!

All this on a Monday morning!!!!  I surely do hope the chiropractor has power because I really need an adjustment.

update:  yes the water is turned off and no the chiropractor didn’t have power so no adjustment – looks like we’ll be spending the night with mom, thank God for mom!





One Response to “There’s got to be a (Monday) morning after…….”

  1. Susan September 16, 2008 at 4:14 pm #

    Hope your mom had power cause we didn’t, and still don’t, a quarter of a mile from her!

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