Finally got my new camera!

28 Aug

My hubbie gave me a new camera for my birthday and I just got it this week.  It’s a Nikon D40.  I made the step from point and shoot to digital SLR – now just exactly what that means, I’m not sure.  I know that for now, my favorite part is the absence of shutter lag.  These pictures were taken this afternoon – just had to test it out.  I have been researching online and reading the manual, but I think the best way for me to learn is just trial and error.  The zoom lens hasn’t arrived yet, (the one that came with the camera is only up to 3x, the other one will zoom up to 11.1x) so I was on the ground, chasing the butterfly around this afternoon.  He cooperated fairly well.

So far, the only downside I can see right now is the size.  The camera body is not much larger than my other camera, but it has these big knocker lenses! So…out there in blogland – if anyone has any tips, comments, suggestions, etc., etc…..your input is welcome.


2 Responses to “Finally got my new camera!”

  1. Theresa August 28, 2008 at 2:21 pm #

    Too cool! I’ve been eyeing a new one, really wanted one the other day when I was out on the porch getting the shots of the hummingbirds with that little Kodak Easyshare. Keep me posted on how you like this one. I think Nikon is the one Greg wants me to get.

  2. Kim August 28, 2008 at 3:17 pm #

    I love that first butterfly picture!!!! I wish I had a better camera but not bad enough to spend the money to get it.

    Thanks for the company yesterday!!!! Love you!!!

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