Freshman move in day!

18 Aug

Today was the day. Moving day for freshman at WKU.  We were a bit nervous, remembering how difficult it was last year with older brother.  But God is good and He remembers our pain.  The day ended up being celebration and fun.  Upon arrival at the school, Dad and Nick headed off to get his book package, while Andrew and I unpacked the “stuff”.  We are in the renovated part of the this dorm and, unlike last year’s room, this one is new and clean.  That made me feel much better.  Also, his roomate had already arrived so there was a familiar face to greet us. 

The most wonderful part was the people dressed in the red t-shirts that read  Love God, Love People, Love Western.  They were from a large local church and there were about 100 of them all over campus serving in whatever way was needed.  Two of them, along with a dolley they had, helped to move in and it only took one trip!  They were also giving out water to the students and parents as they were running about.  The people were SUCH a blessing.  It made the experience so much more pleasant.  I know if we had been able to have these people there last year, it would have been so much easier.  (Hopefully Nick made a connection here and will get involved in their campus group!)

 After getting the majority of the stuff unpacked, we all (roomie included) took off to my sister’s house for a birthday party for my nephew who turned 20 today!  We had great food and swimming and just chillin’ out.  After this, we had to get the boys back in time for a dorm meeting.  We have already heard from our new college boy (he couldn’t find his student ID.He called back a little while ago and said he found it.  Thank goodness, because we did NOT want to have to make another trip back there.  Tonight, we are kinda mellow and I can’t promise that I won’t have a moma meltdown, but so far, I am rejoicing.  I am so proud of my young man. 

BTW, we get to do this all again on Friday.


The beginning of a new beginning.

New abode.


One Response to “Freshman move in day!”

  1. Brittany August 19, 2008 at 1:05 pm #

    No telling what kind of memories will be made here! Grant and his buddies loved their freshman year (in a crummy dorm) the very best. I don’t think they studied much. He tells about them rolling around in their office chairs throwing tennis balls at each other, stealing all the shower curtains, everyone wearing one boy’s clothes around after he hadn’t been back to the dorm in a while…
    Freshman year is great. Everything is new, exciting,and there are lots of friends to help you learn the ropes. I remember not wanting to be a sophomore the next fall 🙂

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