A very special event

14 Aug

Tonight will be a very special night for my youngest son.  He will be headed to a local restaurant after he gets finished with his last night of work to have dinner with a group of men who have been influencial in his life.  This is his time to hear wisdom, encouragement, admonishion, advice and instruction from pastor, Sunday school teacher, youth minister, youth worker, adult mentors and friends.  It is a “passing of the torch” in some manner –  a time of speaking blessing.  It is his college send off dinner.  My husband had this last year for our oldest and is repeating it again for our youngest.  He will purchase a copy of “The Wild at Heart”, and at the dinner each man present will sign it and it will be given to my son.  My heart feels something so significant about this time.  This rite of passage signifies an offical putting away of childish things and taking on adult things.  It fills my heart.  I have moments of weeping, but hopefully more moments of celebrating the young man he has become. 

 I will pray daily for you, precious boy.  You have always been so strong-willed, now I hope that strong will will see you through times that require perserverance and endurance.  You are aiming for some very high goals. I pray that God grant you favor and give you success in achieving those goals.  I pray that you will NOT forget the One, to whom you have pledged your heart.  Stay strong, seek His will, and resist temptation.  Trust HIm, obey and listen for His voice. You will never be alone, He will always be there with you.  Your father, brother and I are always there for you.  

Go now, and soar, my young eagle.  I can send you off, knowing that even though MY eyes cannot see you, I know you are being watched.

Love,   Mom



2 Responses to “A very special event”

  1. Maggie August 15, 2008 at 3:38 am #

    What a great idea. I need to file that one away.

    Fly, eagle, fly! (Okay, so I thought that sounded better than sparrow…but that was a beautiful prayer).

    Hold on, Mom! Hold on!

  2. Cindy August 16, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    Okay, I’m going with the eagle—it does seem more appropriate.

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