9 Aug

Today was like a kiss on the cheek from God.  Beautiful, gorgeous, refreshing, restful, peaceful and I could go on and on. The temperature is unusually mild for August and having a wonderful breeze made it even more, well, almost vacation like.  I got to rock on the back porch and do two days of my Patriarchs study.  I am so loving this study.  The first time I started it I didn’t finish and now we are only about 3 weeks away from the end and it has been sweet. 

After doing that and feeling so woke up and ready to go, I decided to clean off the back porch.  Some of the plants had turned over and there was potting soil scattered all over the place.  Also, the aroma of yesterday’s dog food wasn’t too condusive to great study, but God got me past that.  I trimmed watered, and did a little dead heading – I have some who (listen to that, you’d think I was talking about a person),I thought were dead but are resprouting.  Um, seems like there’s a message to that! 

 After that, I tackled the bathroom closet…..(insert scream here) I have needed to do this for a loonnngg time, but just hated the thought.  Now it is all neat and organized.  Of course neither hubby or the boys have opened it up yet.  Oh well, I can dream.  Hint:  If you are totally out of horizontal space, go vertical.  I had bought a thing that you hang on the back of a door with pockets to hold shoes.  It worked great for things I’m always digging around to find, like lotions, baby powder, static guard.  Also good for things you don’t use so often because they can go at the top and the bottom.  This dude had 46 pockets.  I cleared out some major shelf space.  Maybe now I can get my towels in there. Well,……… let me tell you! I was on such a roll after the closet, that I kept on and got all the cabinets cleaned out.  I had two bags of garbage when I was done.  I couldn’t believe how much out of date and gone yucky stuff I had. The bathroom doesn’t look any better.  There is still laundry piled up and towels on the floor to pick up, BUT, I know that behind those closed doors, things are good and laundry time will come—-like, NOW!


2 Responses to “”

  1. Susan August 9, 2008 at 12:06 pm #

    Weather is gorgeous, isn’t it?!? I have to work today…Saturday….bummer! Also sounds like you got lots accomplished.

  2. Maggie August 9, 2008 at 7:35 pm #

    Wow…you kept going after the first closet.


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