So much to absorb…..

3 Aug

We got back from the Living Proof Live conference about 5ish.  I was so tired and told hubbie I wanted to lie down just until he finished mowing.  I woke up home alone at 8:00.  I was exhausted.

As always, my camera traveled with me from the Cheesecake factory, to the place of lodging, to Southeast Christian.  When my body catches up with my spirit, I will post more.  Until then, I’m needing toothpicks to hold open the eyes.  I think I’ll just go back to bed.  I so wish that more of us could have been there.  The word God gave her was sooooo encouraging and I feel very built up in my spirit.  At one point this morning during the worship I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and bring me to tears – mega tears.  It left me feeling emptied – ready to be filled again.  As the conference was coming to a conclusion, it seemed as thought we had just begun.   Imagine what the eternity of heaven will be like, if we long like that for more while here!


One Response to “So much to absorb…..”

  1. "Maggie" August 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm #

    I’ve gotten an oral report and pretty detailed notes from a couple faithful siestas already. I can’t wait to pour over them!

    I loved hearing your report as much as being there, I think. It’s neat to see it journaled out!

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