Melissa’s soapbox….from the LPM blog

23 Jul

If you’re not a regular visitor to the LPM blog, or even if you are, there is a wonderful post written by Beth’s daughter Melissa on the current trend of “going green”.  It was convicting to me and challenging as well.  Take a trip over there at the LPM blog and read what she says.

 In light of the training we have available through Crown Financial, this is a timely word. And, as always, Melissa says it so well!


One Response to “Melissa’s soapbox….from the LPM blog”

  1. Linda Wilcoxson August 8, 2008 at 2:35 am #

    i was there sitting right in front of the screen in tampa last friday and saturday nite…what joy Jesus is to have given your mom insite into the Bible! she has given me so much thru her work and effort. her realtionship with the One makes me only want more. I thank her thru you and hope you know how blessed you are to be able to walk by the table where she sits knowing that He stands there waiting to tell her more and more. Glory to you, Linda

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