Taking out the garbage

22 Jul

Just got home from my morning walk, breakfast burrito in hand. Walking through my back door, the first thing that makes an impression on me is, whew, the garbage needs to be taken out. 

I HATE the smell of garbage in the house.  Our garbage gets particularly smelly because I have 3 guys who want big muscles, so a lot of canned tuna gets eaten here.  Imagine 2 days worth of tuna fish cans hitting you as you walk in the back door. 

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how I must smell to God when I come before Him with a couple of days of unemptied trash.  He wants us to be a sweet aroma before Him, not smelly tuna fish cans.  I know He is a God who is about how things smell, because He created some of the most wonderful smells – imagine honeysuckle on a warm summer night. 

However, I know He is also tolerant of yucky smells because He made some of them too.  Imagine the aroma of skunk on a warm summer night – phew! (yep, you’ve all had that one!) 

So, I guess the focus of my rambling thoughts here today, is that when I prepare myself to come into His presence, I need to make sure I stop off at the garbage dump first and leave whatever needs to be dumped behind. 

Well, its time for me to visit my back porch, guess I need to check how I smell first! 

I hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday.


One Response to “Taking out the garbage”

  1. "Maggie" July 22, 2008 at 8:57 pm #

    Man, I still L-O-V-E your header. It’s so refreshing.

    Tuna. IGH! I’m counting my blessing today that we don’t have tuna eaters except me, once a year, in my house!

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