Saved by grace………literally!

21 Jul

Whew!  Monday morning.  Got up and headed to the chiropractor – nothing like having the chiropractor “jump” on you first thing in the morning.  But, afterwards its aahhh.  I have a problem in my neck and L4 and L5 of my spine.  The chiropractor has become my new best friend.

After that, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up refills of meds.  I was traveling down the by-pass, behind an enormous piece of farm equipment, the kind with the round, swirly-looking pieces on either side.  There was an 18-wheeler behind me.  The farm equipment completely took out a construction sign.  It was flying toward me like something out of the Twister  movie.  I’m not talking about a little sign either.  It was a big diamond shape on a stand with lots of legs.  This thing flew at me and I prepared for it to hit my windshield.  But, just within maybe a foot of the front of my vehicle, it just stopped.  I don’t mean slowed down and stopped, but dead stop.  Oh my, I felt weak.  But then, I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the 18-wheeler.  I thought  WHAT DO I DO??  There was oncoming traffic, I couldn’t get around the sign on the right side and the truck was coming.  Thankfully, he managed to slow down and get stopped before getting to me. Finally traffic cleared, I passed the sign and went on, driving with arms shaking. I know God was there and He intervened.  But my goodness, nothing like a good scare to get your Monday morning going.  Needless to say, I’m good and awake now!!!

Hope all of you are having a Monumentous Monday!


One Response to “Saved by grace………literally!”

  1. Misty July 21, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    Golly, if that didn’t wake you up, I don’t know what would! I’m so glad you’re ok.

    I had an appt at the chiro this morning too, but decided to reschedule for next week. Just didn’t feel like going all the way there today. I’ve got a neck that is misaligned and some wierd back stuff from that wreck I had 4 years ago. I hope it will eventually be put back in place so I won’t have to visit so often.

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