VBS 2008 – tonight is the LAST night!

17 Jul

Not for sure, but I think this is my 6th year teaching 3rd graders in VBS. 

This year we began with 17 children, then 19 children, then 20 children and tonight is the last night so I believe we will have a record night! 

Tuesday night was the night I taught and it happened to be the night we taught the ABCs of salvation.  They could easily repeat what each letter stood for.  But my concern was did they really understand what admit, believe and confess meant.

I asked for their impressions.  They got the admit you are a sinner pretty well.  But believe and confess was a little more vague.  We worked for a while to pinpoint just what we believed for salvation.  Then confess – well, they kinda equated that with admit.  We worked on confessing that Jesus is Lord – a lot perhaps for an 8 year old mind.  Sometimes I think its a lot for a, um somewhat older, mind to truly grasp.  Simple, yet deep.  Like the ocean, on the surface, very simple and plain, but jump in, take a look beneath and there’s a whole other world.

I pray that in some way, the efforts we made this week in planting and watering will bring forth fruit in its season.

Fixin’ up the room and foolin’ with the kids has been great! 









One Response to “VBS 2008 – tonight is the LAST night!”

  1. "Maggie" July 18, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    I didn’t get to see last night! Thank you for posting! And…thank you for going deeper. They will be able to build on experiences when you continue to help them understand. I praise God for you and your faithful heart!

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