5 Jul

Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expect!

Well, yesterday was the 4th.  We were anticipating about 20 or so guests–playing corn hoe in the yard, cards on tables set up outdoors, kids in the pool, older adults swinging and rocking on the back porch, tables set up on the pool patio, barbeque and fixins already together, homemade ice cream, ending the evening with a brilliant display of fireworks.  A Norman Rockwell day.  Relaxing and almost nostalgic.

But……………………didn’t happen!  Oh yes, we had the barbecue, the homemade ice cream and almost 30 guests.  No playing cards, no grandparents out on the back porch, swinging and rocking, VERY LITTLE games or swimming outdoors.  (just enough to make a nice mess) And, no tables set up for a back yard barbecue.  What went wrong???? The one thing I had absolutely NO control over.

                  THE WEATHER!!!




Yes, that right……..RAIN.  So, all the food was served indoors, with everyone just finding a place to sit and eat wherever they good.  Back porch packed with people.  People in the floor, at the fireplace, all the seating in the living room and kitchen…………………not my idyllic Norman Rockwell 4th of July holiday.  Now today I deal with the mess.  Picking up cups and plates in places I didn’t get last night.  Finishing dishes, mopping the garage where the salt water from the ice cream freezer spilled…….yuck!  

And the worst of all—-I was too tired to go watch the fireworks display!Oh well, today starts another day – now we’re headed out of town to get Kid #2 his birthday/graduation present.  Tomorrow my baby turns 18!




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  1. "Maggie" July 5, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    Your little yellow-head emoticons CRACK ME UP!

    Thank goodness for paper plates this week…at least we still have that luxury at current, and I relish it!

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