Another visit to Dr. C

23 May

Today we took off to E’ville to see my latest and greatest, Dr. C.  I have awaiting impatiently to get the results from the last battery of labs that were done 2 months ago.  Got to his office and the med center STILL had not forwarded the results.  Needless to say, he was a bit outdone.  We waited for the fax, it came after 5 minutes of waiting.  He called the lady doc in for a consult and the verdict was that my hormone balance is way out of wack.  Too little estrogen, too little testosterone (buy hey, I thought I was a girl—apparently we have that stuff too).  Actually, way too little, so they are going to add some of that to the mix. Too much MAO–an enzyme which acts like pacman and eats the serotonin in my system. Too little serotonin and you get the eebie jeebies, feel like you have bugs crawling on you, want to jump out of your skin and while you sit and cry all day, not to mention a bunch of other creepy things that are no fun.

Doc says estrogen and MAO need to have some sort balance and I just don’t!  So, once again we try.  Also, he wanted to do another thyroid panel.  The one I had before at the clinic was at the high end of normal—-which may sound okay, but I don’t have a whole thyroid so that means the little guy is pulling extra duty.

In his report (which he gives me a copy of at each visit) he said I was pleasant, alert, perky and “euthymic”!  What is euthymic??  Guess I’m going to learn a new word today! 


2 Responses to “Another visit to Dr. C”

  1. Theresa May 24, 2008 at 2:28 am #

    Poor baby! Hope you can get the magic bullet to put all those levels back on track really soon.

  2. mamarosi May 27, 2008 at 4:40 pm #

    I’m so glad you got your labs and I hope that everything is getting better with the new information! I wish I could have that done sometime.

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