Bone tired

22 May

Started the day out with a walk on the trail.  It was a magnificent morning and the air was heavy with the aroma of spring.  I passed a wild wisteria and lots and lots of honeysuckle.  It was nice hubbie and me time.  (He has been after me for a while to start doing this before, well……)

Next Micky D’s for a breakfast burrito.  I am addicted to these in the morning. 

Next back home to wash down the back deck, evict all the spiders (who just stood back looking at me like they knew who the boss was), wash the big sisal-type rugs that are back there.  Hose down the rocking chairs and then take on painting some of the other pieces.  Outdoor furniture looks for fresh and clean with new paint. 

Hubby did some more mulching for me (and yes, I really am almost done, just one more area!) 

Now, the problem:  because the ground has not gotten really warm yet, some of my annuals look like they aren’t going to make it. Not to mention that some ornery creature is STILL eating on them.  I guess tomorrow I get serious and bring out the snail bate! 

Supper, and then visit a friend home from the hospital

Back home, a trip to the hot tub and then before long bed—-just to get up and get going again tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday everyone!



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