7 May

Auditor still here.  Went to the office, made sure he had everything he needed, then finished some work and went back home.  Checked on him again about 2.  He says he will be there two more days–yuck!

Back home, garden work, pulled up another dead shurb and planted a climbing rose—Queen Elizabeth–will be pink, climbing up a black iron trellis.  Hopefully it will look nice.

Actually started washing windows—-yes washing windows.  My garage windows had a really good coating of bug stuff.  Ended up getting a razor to scrape—while I was doing that, I scraped the paint off the windows from where we had painted the garage two years ago.

Cooked dinner – spaghetti casserole, cheese bread, iced tea.  Oh yeah, there was salad too.

Went to church – MOPS meeting, but no MOPS—I must have had the wrong time

Back home, read about one of our community taking rehab in China – amazing!

College boy home, two finals today, studying for two more on Friday.

Well, that’s it for me today—–real significant stuff!



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