Update on Christy

11 Apr

 got this email today from Nancy (Christy’s office manager) regarding Christy’s visit to the doc in Louisville.  Please include her, this will be her THIRD occurance if it is cancer.

Christy went to see the specialist in Louisville today.  He was very up front with what he saw and what he thought and needed to be done.  Not for sure as to if it is cancer but, they ran a second biopsy on the tumor or mass.  Really won’t know anything until

Tuesday when the results will be back, but based on her history with the cancer and its location did not want them to get their hopes up.  Should it come back as cancer she will be facing 6 months of chemo and maybe even radiation treatments, either before or after the surgery.  She should come through with only a temporary bag.  Please keep both Christy and Jim in your prayers that all will be okay, and that the Lord will have his hand on them throughout this ordeal.


Once again please lift them up in your prayers, ask everyone you know who believes in the power of prayer to do the same.

For we all know Our GOD can do all things.

Nancy F. McGuire



One Response to “Update on Christy”

  1. Theresa April 13, 2008 at 1:08 am #

    prayers sent

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