My spirit cries…..

15 Mar

This has been a painful week.  In the course of opening up our business to many who have very little, I have had a glimpse into the plight of many who are nameless and faceless among us.  This came home to me very, very hard this week when I attended a visitation for the husband of a former employee. 

Last weekend, this gentleman (a little older than me) died very unexpectedly.  There was no family to call (they had disowned him at a young age and the wife had to contact them through the state police, just leaving number where she could be reached—he had not seen his two adult children in many years), there were VERY few friends.  When we got to the funeral home there were 3 people there other than the wife. 

JUST THREE!!! (there were not many more than that sign the register–no funeral the next day, just graveside and only 12 there, including funeral home employees) No one to mourn his passing, no one to weep with his survivor.  It just seemed overwhelmingly sad. 

On the way home, thinking back again of all the people I had seen these past weeks, how many have no one to mourn their passing.   Yet, I felt the spirit stir within me and call to my memory that there is ONE who mourns with those who mourn and weeps with those who weep and sends the comforter. 

Still, in the world it is hard and there is much pain and loneliness—there are so many who just exist and Christ came that we should have life and have it abundantly.  I would exhort and encourage us all to extend love to those about us who may be nameless to us, but not to Him who created them–faces we may never remember, but He knows all too well. A smile from a stranger may be the only compassion that comes into their day.  I am finding that I can no longer just pass by without seeing, but find that I NEED to make eye contact and in doing so, I feel I am giving something from my heart.  We never know just what that might mean to someone—-something for us to think about! 

Maggie:  Your song brought this back to me today full force.


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