Storm stories

13 Feb

Terrible Tuesday is now a week old and we have returned to business as usual—if anything will be “as usual” for a while.  We are seeing some of the persons acutely affected by the storms last week.  One particular story today leaves me feeling so grieved.

A lady came in the office today to have her taxes done.  She was with Sabrina, whose desk is visible from mine and I could tell the lady was crying.  Once she left Sabrina told me her story.

She and her husband had moved here from a neighboring state–not sure how long they had been here, but apparently moved some time in 07.  Four months after the move, the husband dies from lung cancer (which he did not know he had.  Upon discovery (a visit to the dr due to bad cough) it was determined that the cancer has mestasized and his prognosis was not good.)

They had been in the process of buying a house from the husband’s dad, but could not insure it until the deed was transferred.  This process was not yet complete when the tornado struck.  Now all is gone.  No insurance coverage and no husband to help bear the loss.  She cryed so pitifully.

Not far down the road, my first client of the day lived–a retired gentleman from Canada.  When he and his wife heard the storm coming, she got in the tub.  He and the dog got under the concrete front porch.  He told me unashamedly that after the storm passed and their property remained undamaged they both held to each other and cried.  You can see these people are still visibly shaken, not by their loss but by the mercy they received.

I learned today that another client has two rooms and part of the roof taken in the storm—-again no insurance.

Another story from a volunteer fireman that I won’t even begin to share.

National Guard member I worked with today said this was their last day to maintain the area.  They are concerned with looting.

So much loss—people still in shock and grieving.  Yet, His word is consistent.  He always shows His faithfulness–even in the aftermath of tragedy.  He is God.  He is eternal.

PS:  I was told by the National Guard guy that it has been determined that the storm was not just one tornado, but actually two that converged at certain points.   


One Response to “Storm stories”

  1. "Maggie" February 13, 2008 at 3:57 pm #

    I think we all need to hear these stories to help bear the losses.

    Thanks for taking time to share these. We pray for you as you hear so much each day.

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