My quote for the day.

23 Jan

If you are going through hell, keep going.      Winston Churchill

I just love Winston Churchill.  If you read very much about him, then you can’t help but love the guy.  He was a major leader during one of world history’s most heineous times–World War II–he served as prime minister of England, one of the countries we were allied with during that time.

I love this particular quote.  We live in a tainted world.  A world that has turned out nothing like it was created to be.  A world that required tremendous sacrifice for its redemption.  A world that can feel like literal hell.  But we are called to press on, to fight the good fight, to continue in the race.  We live in a constant state of war, whether we realize it or not.  The flesh and the spirit are at odds with one another until we bring the flesh into submission to the spirit. 

During World War II there was definitely a war in which many parts of the world felt like they were in hell.  But the Allied forces pressed on.  Defeat was not an option.  They pressed on and prevailed.  They did not retreat.  They did not surrender. 

God calls us to press on in spite of our circumstances.  When life heats up we must not retreat into a place of comfort.  We must not go back, even if we can.  We keep moving forward and find that our victory is at the other end of our challenge.  God will prevail!!!  Even if end of our challenge brings us to the victory of death.  (whew, hard one to process)  His grace is sufficient and He will always sustain us.  He never calls us to endure something He does not empower us to endure. 

I am learning that when I come to this mindset, then I can truly praise Him in whatever storm comes my way and I can honestly say God is good all the time—Blessed be His name.



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