11 Dec

Whew!!!  What a day.  Our office launched our pre-season product today.  It was a HUGE success last year, and I guess it’s just asking too much for the company to NOT fix something that wasn’t broken.  EVERYTHING that could go wrong DID!!!!  Nationwide!!!!!  Software that should have downloaded via the internet did not (at least not until about noon).  Then, I suppose the company did not anticipate the volume of business we would have and the system couldn’t handle the load.  (Wouldn’t you know THIS year they didn’t perform load testing two weeks ahead of time like they usually do) 

We had a office full of people all day and didn’t complete a single transaction successfully.  The technicians at “computer central” were working on a patch that didn’t work.  Then they just took the whole thing offline for a couple of hours and fixed nothing! 

At least we weren’t alone—-all over that was the story.  Finally I said enough and closed the office. 

So……..tomorrow we try again.  At least everything is working correctly at my end—–now if the other guys would just get on top of it.

Maggie, where is the cartoon with the little guy needing a pill—–that’s me today.




One Response to “MAD MONDAY”

  1. "Maggie" December 11, 2007 at 3:35 am #

    I’m not sure, the link “expired”…which is, ya know, sort of a downer considering that topic! :D))

    I liked this one:|10001|10051|183074|147551;-102001;11443;-102034;183074|ecards|Just%20For%20Fun

    Good grief. You may get tired just copy and pasting all that.

    If you aren’t worn out…here’s another one…it may be even better than the first. I won’t bother to, you know, “personalize” it. That might be insulting. 😀|10001|10051|181071|147551;-102001;181070;181071||||ecards|2

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